Crumpled Piece of Paper [Piner]

Author: Brother Piner

There are three separate notes, all titled “crumpled piece of paper,” all of which are different drafts of a letter to his mother. We’re keeping them together since I think that’s clearer.


Goods Gods! Don’t go crazy on me! You’d think the streets of the Imperial City were filled with rioters and the Legions were being called out to restore order.

We’ve had no disturbances at all here in Chorrol, and I’ve heard of nothing at all in the City or in the other towns. People are doing just as Chancellor Ocato said — staying calm, and honoring the memory of the emperor and his sons by getting along with their lives. Running around like frightened children isn’t going to help anyone. I haven’t got time to


I know you’re upset. But please. I have important duties here at the Priory, and I can’t come to the Imperial City and babysit you. Just stay calm, like Chancellor Ocato says, and pray for the Emperor and his sons.


What do you expect me to do about it? Come to the City, track down the assassins, and bring them to justice myself?

And are there assassins banging on your door? Do you have some reason to think they’re coming for you next?

Please. Don’t panic. These assassinations have upset everyone. But you just have to go on with your life.

I don’t know what you’re worried about. Everything is fine here. Everyone is getting on with business, like the Chancellor says. The Elder Council has everything under control. Certainly you don’t expect me to

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