Bone Orchard Research Log 2

Author: Ethruin

Our initiates have assembled a minor force of skeletons and have set them to patrolling the camp for intruders. If news of our presence reaches Elden Root, it would draw unwanted attention. While I doubt we will remain hidden for long, our new allies should be able to cover our presence for the time being.

The cave on the hill bore some fruit, at least. One of the local "spinners" was quite forthcoming in regards to the history of this place.

Evidently, the local Y'ffre cult planted a seed in the skull of one of the wanderers while he was at rest. He—and others of his kind—have not budged since.

While I am not one for superstition, it seems likely these events are linked. We will begin investigating the tree's relationship to the wards immediately.

On a final note, one of the initiates found a strange, glowing skull at the edge of camp. We probed its enchantments and could find no trace of necromancy at work. Very curious. I can almost feel it watching me.


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