Bone Orchard Research Log 1

Author: Ethruin

Creative application of energies ensured the locals were eager to see us safely to Arborfell, though it would seem our objective now goes by "the Bone Orchard." Descriptive, if quaint.

The concentration of massive bones confirms what the records only hinted at—this is, indeed, a repository for the bones of the wandering ones the Bosmer once feared and reviled.
Whether they are also the bones of the Ehlnofey has yet to be seen, for they are sealed as surely as any coffer from our use.

Fortunately for us, the panoply of Bosmer remains scattered about this Bone Orchard are not sealed in kind. They are being gathered for use in the creation of skeletal constructs as I put these words to paper.

Our scouts have noted the presence of smoke rising from a cavern mouth on the northern hill. I have ordered an investigation.


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