Fallout Shelter Crossover: Blade Hero’s Biography

Character Description

Librarian Note:

This information appears when clicking the on the picture when examining the Blades Hero character.

The history of the Blades Hero can be traced back to the second era of the Septim Dynasty. They are the eyes and ears of Emperor Tamriel, dedicated to protecting the dragon heir’s emperor. After the battle of the 4th era, the members of the Blades were almost wiped out by the Thalmorians. The surviving Blade Warriors have change their name. They have returned to their burned down homeland, and attempted to rebuild their lives.


Uninvited Guest

The Blades Hero, who had just arrived in the Wasteland, received a letter from Tamriel, which held the location of the sword, Dawnbreaker. Eager at the chance for glory, he set off on his quest. 

Holotape: What you are looking for is here. ~ A good friend of yours.

Blades Hero: Dawnbreaker is here… I have to get the sword back. But there are thieves coming this way. I pray they haven’t found the sword before I do… It matters not. They are simple minions, no match for me!

Waiting for the Dark Night

When the Blades Hero neared the location in the letter, he found the surrounding area was occupied by a group of Raiders that seemed to be guarding something. He couldn’t let them see him, he could only sneak in quietly. The origin of the letter was unknown, but the numerous raiders said more than the page ever could.

Blades Hero: Their numbers are increasing. A frontal attack would be a folly. Maybe this rope will allow me to slip by…

They are multiplying. It appears they have found something… Could it be Dawnbreaker? Fools, they know not the value of Dawnbreaker. What’s the use of taking the sword? Blindly attacking will cause alarm amongst the rabble. They can’t be allowed to take away the sword… Seems it’s time for a night raid.

Where is the Blade?

The closer the Blades Hero got to where the sword was hidden, the more enemies he could see. To avoid being discovered, he decided to wait for the cover of darkness. 

Blades Hero: These weaklings are blind in the dark, they won’t find me as long as I don’t get close to them. But I can’t see too far, so I must remain careful. Although these fools can’t stop me, I’ll be in trouble if I get caught.

The Waiting Game

After nightfall, the Blades Hero made his move. He had never seen so many Raiders. But that indicated they did find something, or was it a trap for someone? The Blades Hero felt that the sword might be bait, and whomever was behind it was simply waiting for a bite. However, if the sword was really here he couldn’t just leave it. 

Blades Hero: So many enemies here… But I didn’t feel Dawnbreaker… If there is nothing here, what are they guarding? Maybe… they’re not guarding anything, but waiting for someone? A trap…? No matter, I’m about to reach the position stated in the letter, I’ll find out very soon.

Predator and Prey

The wisdom of the Blades Hero was stronger than his sword. He reached the final hideout successfully, but there he was greeted by an ambush. Even though this mysterious aggressor had prepared enticing bait, the hero was not so foolish, escaping without a trace.

Blades Hero: It’s a whole new world here, like a maze. For treasure collectors, hiding treasures in such a place is truly safe. But for hunters, this is also the best choice for an ambush. I must stay smart and flexible, make the best use of everything at hand.

Blades Hero: Hand over the sword slowly, and I’ll allow you to leave.

Bandit: Hah! This guy fell for it! Maybe it’s luck that kept you alive till now, but you won’t leave this room!

Blades Hero: A trap, as expected… Although Dawnbreaker has not been retrieved, there’s something else I’ve found… Even in this world, someone still wants to kill me, and he knows me well. He knows everything. I thought I was in the shadows, but I didn’t expect anyone to reside in a darker place. No… I’m totally new here. I need to find some decent warriors to fight with…


While cleaning the blood from his sword, the Blades Hero considered the problem he had just discovered: with assassins pursuing him he still knew nothing of this strange new world. He must find some reliable allies, or friends he could trust in this world.

Perhaps even an Overseer of some vault?

Trinket Memory: Dawnbreaker

Librarian Note:

This text appears when examining the Dawnbreaker item.

“Dragon!” The guard yells, only to see a black figure cut through the sky. The deafening roar of the ancient predator can be heard. Some soldiers flee in a fit of panic, others kneel and choose a god to pray to. Only the Dragon Heirs and the Blades Heroes in the tent remain calm, observing the dark figure. The Black creature begins to dive, teeth and claws gnashing. The soldiers’ fears are confirmed: it is time to face the dragon. The beast opens his mouth, spewing a pillar of flame as hot as the sun toward the front lines. Only Ash remains where the soldiers once stood.

Ready for a second assault, the dragon plunges toward its next target. With the smell of brimstone still hot in the air, a sharp cold light flashes, piercing through the skull of the creature. As quickly as it approached, the dragon falls to the ground, dead. Dismounting, a human armed with a peculiar blade raises his weapon toward the behemoth. The sword is light and sharp, it can pierce thick dragon scales like a sweet roll. The runes and gemstones encrusted into the sword denote the weapon’s legendary status.

“Hail, Blades Hero!” The dragon heir says nonchalantly, slowly walking toward the dying creature. A golden light engulfs the body of the dragon. Clinging to life, it unleashes a painful wail. Its scales and flesh slowly become a golden gas, absorbed by the dragon heir. Only the bones of the once great beast remain…”

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