Arena Fan’s Note

Released In:
Author (in-game): Anonymous

Book added by Alternative Armor – Dwarven Mail from the Creation Club. This letter is a reference to the Adoring Fan from Oblivion.

As a fan of the Imperial Arena and student of history, I was very intrigued when I discovered volume eight of the short story collection, The Crimson Dirks, at the local library in Cheydinhal. While the author considered it a work of fiction, I’ve combed over the information in the story and much to my delight, found much of it may be true!

For instance, there was indeed an Orc who fought in Dwarven mail after the Great War, who rose to the rank of Bloodletter before mysteriously disappearing! The same is true for the blacksmith, who abandoned her shop in Cyrodil under equally unknown circumstances!

While I have nothing on the Redguard, the name itself may be an alias. But the last sentence is most intriguing, as it implies our orc Bloodletter went north to Skyrim, and began fighting in the underground pits! In fact, I’ve heard there’s an Orc living in Bthalft Ruins who matches that description right now!

I’ve requested the Orc meet with me in private, so I can ask him if he is indeed the one in the story. I am so excited! I know the book paints him as a bit unruly toward fans, but authors tend to exaggerate certain features. Besides, even if it were true, I’d be willing to bet time has softened his stance. He’ll be more than pleased to meet a true fan of the Arena! I can’t wait!

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