The Improved Emperor’s Guide to Tamriel — Afterword

For the attention of Zonara Antistia, Scout Centurion of the Fourth Legion

My journey was delayed due to recent Bosmeri coastal skirmishes with the Maormeri, and the poor repair of Wood Elf roadways. Upon the arrival in Elden Root, scholar Terentius was nowhere to be found. Concerned for his safety and puzzled at the lack of notification normally left under these circumstances, I made inquiries with the local Wood Elf population. I was directed to a priest — known locally as a Spinner — who had played host to Flaccus for several days. I made a thorough search of the Spinner’s camp, where I uncovered charred parchment edges of The Emperor’s Guide to Tamriel, with handwritten margin notes that matched examples of Flaccus’ script. Suspecting foul play, I interrogated the Spinner. Though I found his answers to be meandering and evasive, I knew this was to be expected of a Bosmer.

Ultimately, I was satisfied that the Spinner was innocent of foul deeds; indeed, I was grateful for the accompaniment of two Jaqspur hunters who helped me track Flaccus deeper into the great Valenwood wilderness, where he had fled one night without adequate provisions. The trail ended at the haunted Gil-Var-Delle, where the hunters refused to enter, and we parted company. I encountered no one else (not even animal life) in this ruined village and made a thorough inspection of all remaining structures. I found this journal after searching an abandoned hut along the northern threshold but saw no other sign of my missing friend. Although the notebook was damp, its bindings and contents were intact; however, a few unattached pages and some loose rose petals escaped and were lost to the breeze.

The book is hereby forwarded to His Excellency Abnur Tharn in the Imperial City, who will know what best to do with it.

I fear we must assume my oldest friend is dead or lost.

Mactator Caprenius,
Courier of the Fourth Legion
19th of Last Seed, 2E 581

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