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Proweler got into Morrowind at the same time as everybody else, around 2002 and fell in love with it reading the previews that spoke of a "completely handcrafted world". He didn't actually get into Lore until a few years later when the expansions came out and it all started to make a bit more sense. He was inducted into the Imperial Library's Staff in September 2007. Since the summer of 2010 he has taken care of the machinery that keep the Library up and running.


Lady Nerevar

San Francisco, California, United States

Lady Nerevar was born in the Soviet Union and has lived in Russia, Belarus, Germany, Texas, Maryland, and New Orleans. She discovered the Elder Scrolls in 2003, when Morrowind came free with her new videocard, and has been hooked ever since. Since then, she has played nearly every game in the series, and has modded both Morrowind and Oblivion extensively. She became an Assistant Librarian in the summer of 2010 to help with the transition to Drupal, and was soon promoted to full Librarian status. Her other hobbies include history, art, and worldbuilding. She has a degree in Illustration, Game Art, and Art History, and works as a producer in the video game industry. 


Assistant Librarians

Tailin Sero

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Tailin started playing Oblivion: 5th Anniversary Edition in 2010, but only got into the lore after playing Skyrim. After multiple playthroughs of both TES IV and V, he tried Arena and then Daggerfall, never really getting the hang of it. A few years later, he found himself playing Morrowind (by that time he already had an "alright" understanding of TES lore) and fell in love with the series all over again. It was around this time that he joined The Imperial Library, though he had been a visitor many times before.



Editor of both English and Polish TES Wikis in the past. TES series player in general since can't remember when, but until forever for sure. ESO player since 2015 (plus some beta in 2014) and absolutely loves it. One of the leads of the fan project of translating The Elder Scrolls Online to Polish in 2017-2020 (the project continues). Organizer of fan meetups in Poland. Became an Assistant Librarian in October 2017.


Former Members


Jakarta, Indonesia

Xan, also known as Xanathar, can speak English and Bahasa. His real name is Enrico Suhartanto. He works as an IT admin for a local company. As of 2006, he is 35 years old.

Xan has finished Arena, Daggerfall, Morrowind (and its two expansions) and Shadowkey. He has played Battlespire and Redguard but has never finished either due to various reasons. At the time Daggerfall was released, there were no websites dealing with the vast lore Bethesda Softworks had established. He felt that a website was needed to store the lore, which is why Xanathar's Library was created in 1998. The Library, at that time, consisted of two main sections: a The Elder Scrolls section and a Dragonlance section. In 1999, Xan got married and a year later his daughter was born. Real life became hectic soon after that point. Having no choice, and hating to see the library die, he gave the control of the Library to Qwerty. Xan came back in 2002 and the Library was renamed to The Imperial Library. It became a website fully dedicated to The Elder Scrolls lore.


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States

In 1994, while at college, he purchased a little-known game called Arena. He and his friends were sucked in almost instantaneously. Several years later, Daggerfall was added to B's collection, and he started to become interested in The Elder Scrolls Lore. After joining the Official Forums and purchasing Morrowind, B became an active member of the ES community. A short while later, he joined with Raptormeat, GhanBuriGhan, Striker, and Salohcin to create a Morrowind in-game publication called the Modern Adventurer. In July 2003, B joined The Imperial Library.

Eras have passed, and the scholar known simply as B has retired. He’s now a father of two and works to educate the future scholars of our planet.


Adelaide, Australia

The first Elder Scrolls game he played was Daggerfall back when it was released, and he's been hooked ever since. Attrebus has finished the main quest in Daggerfall, Morrowind, Tribunal and Bloodmoon, and has also completed Battlespire and Redguard. Thanks to Bethesda, he's currently working on the main quest in Arena. A frequent visitor to both Xanathar's Library and the Unofficial Elder Scrolls pages, he discovered the vast amounts of detail in the lore, which started his obsession. A little while before Morrowind was released, he took over control of Destination: Morrowind from kathode and still updates it with news. He has also worked on the Modern Adventurer in-game publication along with Raptormeat, B, GhanBuriGhan and Salohcin and was asked to join The Imperial Library in late 2004.

In real life, Attrebus is known as Stewart and is currently employed as a computer programmer.


Potomac, Maryland, United States

Qwerty's real name is Vsevolod (Seva for short) Alekseyev. He was born in Moscow, Russia in 1976, which makes him 30 as of July 2006. He became familiar with the Elder Scrolls series over there in Russia, mainly due a magazine article that mentioned that tavern rooms in Daggerfall sometimes had prostitutes. The prostitutes turned out to be an empty promise, but Qwerty already got hooked on the game. In 1997, he found out about The Essential Site (then Andel Crodo's Daggerfall Fashion Gallery) and became rather active in the community. In 1998, right after graduation, Qwerty moved to the United States, by pure accident settling in the very town where Bethesda Softworks was headquartered. Because of emigration-related stresses, Qwerty completely missed on Battlespire; to date, he still has to see it as much as running. However, he bought and beat Arena and (as soon as it came out) Redguard. And, of course, Morrowind.

For some time, Qwerty used to be the only webmaster of The Imperial (then Xanathar's) Library. Then, Xan came back and there was a baby born in Qwerty's family. Due to the family-related duties, he does very little actual site work now, and has yet to best Tribunal and Bloodmoon. As far as webmastering goes, Qwerty's forte is scripting and server-side programming. He cannot draw to save his life, and sucks profoundly when it comes to things visual and pretty. Might have something to do with the fact that he's a geeky programmer in real life.

Other than English, Qwerty speaks Russian, understands (more or less) other Slavic languages and can read Japanese.


Rockville, Maryland, United States

He is known as Brendan in real life and hails from upstate New York where he has spent most of his life. His first introduction to the Elder Scrolls was through a friend, who turned him on to murderous rampages through the streets of Daggerfall while being persued by "HALT!"-ing guards (A pastime which, alas, has yet to be duplicated). As time went on and development on Morrowind began, he developed his website Aldrien's Chalice in honor of other classic Elder Scrolls sites. He also was fortunate enough to work on the Modern Adventurer with fellow librarians B and Striker, as well as GhanBuriGhan and Salohcin. He became a TIL Librarian in September 2002.

After graduating from college, Raptormeat became a programmer at Bethesda.


Dortmund, Germany

Zeph discovered the Elder Scrolls series in late 2002 with the release of Morrowind and soon got addicted to its lore so much, that in late 2003 he decided to write his own offline reference work which he entitled The Elder Scrolls Treasury. Its first volumes were originally released at Morrowind Summit (now Planet Elder Scrolls) from May to September 2004 and thus far covered the lore information of TES3, but in 2005 he was able to get the preceding games as well. At present, he is completely revising the whole Treasury. TIL got the permission to host his work in September 2004 and asked him to join in December 2005. He's 36 years old.

In real life, Zeph is known as Carsten Flaake and works as a library assistant at a city and state library in Germany. His other 'fields of research' include the life and works of H. P. Lovecraft, orientalism, ethnology and the science of religion. 

Sinder Velvin


Staff Member from 2004 to 2006.  He works as a photographer in real life. He loves reading comic books, especially Sin City ones, and his favorite musical band is Radiohead. The only two video games he likes more than TES 3: Morrowind are Heroes of Might And Magic 3 and Planescape: Torment. He loves the Planescape campaign setting for Dungeons And Dragons. His favorite movie of all times is Shichinin No Samurai (Seven Samurai).

As for his experience with the The Elder Scrolls series, he's finished all the games expect Dawnstar, Stormhold and Shadowkey. After he wrote several articles for the Imperial Library back in late 2004, he was asked to join the Imperial Library. His departure occurred in 2006.


Leuven, Belgium

Some day in the year 2003, Adanorcil came across a place where the mushrooms grew as tall as five men and ash was always on the wind. He ended up spending a long time there and met many wonderful people. He was asked to join the Imperial Library in July 2006, where he has since helped maintain a number of site sections and has occasionally functioned as an impromptu web master. He has modded Morrowind and Oblivion for a variety of personal and community-based projects. He currently works as a video game developer. His interests include fiction, linguistics and probably all Wikipedia topics bizarre and wonderful enough to have had fewer than twenty, but more than two authors. Once in a while, he still visits the mushrooms.


Leuven, Belgium (previously: Seattle, Washington, United States)

Lorus first became aware of the Elder Scrolls series in 2004 when she started playing Morrowind. What she loved about it was its focus on world- and story-development. Since, Lorus has played Oblivion, but has yet to finish the rest of the series. She has been a part of the Imperial Library since October 2006.

Currently, Lorus is studying at university, working on her bachelor's degree.

Pilaf The Defiler

Smith County, Tennessee, United States

Born and raised in a small rural town in the American South, Pilaf has been a lifelong fan of the science fiction and fantasy genres. Introduced to Morrowind in 2003 via the X Box release, he took a quick interest in the lore via the extensive quest dialogue and intriguing books of that title. In the subsequent years, he has become quite active in the ES community, being most active in lore groups across the internet. In March of 2014 he was given the position of Assistant Librarian and tasked with uploading the majority of the new books from Elder Scrolls Online. In late August of the same year he attained the rank of Librarian after largely completing this daunting task. While not being immersed in the world of Tamriel, Pilaf works in the automotive industry as an Assembly Technician and Safety/Quality trainer. He has an amateur interest in biology, history, anthropology and the idea of space exploration. He still lives in that small rural community with his two cats, who foil his attempts to be productive or relaxed whenever possible.

History of the Imperial Library

September 1, 1998 Xanathar's Library, a fan site focused on both Elder Scrolls and Dragonlance, is launched.
May 6th, 2000 The Library gets a facelift. It is hosted on Bethesda's own server,
January 23, 2001 Querty joins the Library team.
May 30, 2001 The Library gains a Morrowind Books section. "A Hypothetical Tretchery," released on following E3, is the first addition.
November 6, 2001 The Daggerfall Storyline page begins.
December 18, 2001 Xanathar's Library is redesigned and renamed The Imperial Library. The Dragonlance section remains, though it isn't being updated.
March 13, 2002 The library gains a search function.
April 24, 2002 The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind goes gold.
May 8, 2002 Morrowind is released.
July 27, 2002 The Imperial Library is once again redesigned, and all Dragonlance content is removed.
October 6, 2002 Raptormeat joins the Library team.
March 23, 2003 The Library's books sections are re-organized by book genre.
May 2, 2003 The Battlespire books section is added.
May 4, 2003 The Obscure Texts section is added
July 14, 2003 B joins the Library team.
September 2003 The Library moves to a new address at
October 1, 2003 The Forum Scholars Guild is added to the Library
October 14, 2003 Redguard books section is added.
April 6, 2004 Attrebus joins the Library staff.
May 7, 2004 The Morrowind art book is added to the Library.
September 10, 2004 The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is announced.
September 18, 2004 A Story of Morrowind page is added to the Library
November 12, 2004 Sinder Velvin joins the Library staff.
November 24, 2004 A Shadowkey Books section is added to the Library.
January 17, 2005 The story of Shadowkey is added to the Library.
March 5, 2005 The story of Battlespire is added to the Library.
March 7, 2005 The Library once again moves addresses, this time to
May 4, 2005 The Redguard storyline is added to the Library.
November 23, 2005 An Oblivion books section is added to the Library.
December 16, 2005 Zeph joins the Library staff.
March 20,2006 The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is released.
July 10, 2006 Adanorcil joins the Library staff.
October 16, 2006 Lorus and Solin join the Library staff.
February 5, 2007 The Imperial Library goes advertising-free.
February 17, 2007 The Library again changes addresses, to, which remains with us to this day. Proweler joins the Library staff.
November 9, 2007 The look of the library is updated, including a new, collapsible menu.
February 19, 2008 The Imperial Library is interviewed by Gstaff for the Bethesda Blog.
August 2, 2008 The story of Oblivion is added to the Library.
November 24, 2009 The Infernal City, by Greg Keyes, is released. It is the first Elder Scrolls novel.
January 16, 2010 The Imperial Library collaborates with Bethesda to run a lore contest.
June 28, 2010 The Library is re-launched on the Drupal content management system, replacing the manual HTML.
July 9, 2010 Lady Nerevar joins the Library staff.
September 27, 2011 The Lord of Souls, by Greg Keyes, is released. It is the second Elder Scrolls novel.
December 11, 2010 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is announced.
November 11, 2011 Skyrim is released.
November 13, 2011 A Skyrim books section is added to the Library.
October 10, 2012 The Imperial Library is interviewed by the Elder Scrolls Online
November 9, 2012 The Library is redesigned, arriving at the current look.
February 15, 2014 The Nondisclosure Agreement for the Elder Scrolls Online is lifted. The Online books section is added to the library.
April 15, 2014 The Emperor's Guide to Tamriel is added to the Library.


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