4th Manifesto of Kinlord Rilis XII

Author (in-game): Kinlord Rilis XII

22nd, Frostfall

As the decades go by, guards give way to new guards, and soon, all guards will give way to a new order of “Keepers,” trained in magics to keep me bound here. The death I have so often begged for has finally come to claim me, and the nobles must know that my Pact will see that I walk through death unscathed.

But I don’t despair at living, as I would have years ago. As my mortal body fades, Oblivion seeps in, to replace it with a new form. An eternal form.

They say the Altmeri are long-lived compared to the lesser races. Soon, I will be a race unto myself, and I will outlive the Altmer.

The master tells me that, ages from now, he will free me from this prison, so that I might bask in his presence, the first of his new Elven people, and be complete. That will be a day of reckoning for my Keepers—for all of Tamriel.

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