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Full Version: ...The Twisted Tower...
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*Stares at the odd display*
*Is hit by a sweetroll*
*Wanders to a corner to enjoy her food and nurse her pride*
Ah the delicious power of sweetrolls! So sublime - surely she was talented and lovely, for only talented and lovely people could appreciate such heavenly food! ... And so tasty too; must have more ...

Ala hands Arynel another sweetroll while Sara holds up a goblet of wine for him. "Here; rest and make merry, and we'll pick up where we left off ..."

Sara leans on Arynel's shoulder, whispering " ... and we had some - extensive - plans to pick back up, you'll see ..."

Arynel takes the sweetroll with his left hand, and the goblet with his right.

"extensive plans you say?"

The Breton is smiling from ear to ear.
QUOTE(Arynel @ Oct 30 2004, 12:39 AM)
Arynel takes the sweetroll with his left hand, and the goblet with his right.

"extensive plans you say?"

The Breton is smiling from ear to ear.

"Oh quite," both girls giggle, letting Arynel finish his current snack.

" ... Shall we show you?" Sara offers ...
"Yes," Arynel says, finishing the sweet roll and placing the goblet, still half full, to the side. "What do you have planned?"
QUOTE(Arynel @ Oct 30 2004, 12:54 AM)
"Yes,"  Arynel says, finishing the sweet roll and placing the goblet, still half full, to the side.  "What do you have planned?"

Both girls smile ...

(and we pause in mid scene, to be picked up tomorrow when people will hopefully help bring Arynel to his senses - before the girls bring him to his knees evillol.sml.gif)

<ooc> first and foremost let me say thanks to all you wonderful people for keeping the story moving while I was preoccupied by rambling fools, especially since I had to leave quite suddenly, it just goes to show how imaginitive you all are even though I wasn't here to lead the story kudos to all...if I have to lock myself in the bathroom with a laptop tomorrow so be it <ooc>

*After having seemingly disappeared in the darkness One and Ami gain their sight in a strange wasn't the room they were just in and it looked quite...Dwarven...the could hear the movement of large machinery quite clear now and these hallways were well lit...

"Where are we now, Master One?" Ami inquires

"Good question...obviously somewhere far from the others as I cant sense any of them...not even the Wolf"

"Should we go on then?" says Ami

"Looks like there's no choice Ami"

*The pair walk down the hallway and arrive in a large room filled with Dwemer technology...One suspects this room is why he's been hearing machinery and quickly looks for a way to stop the overly large gears overhead...he finally spies one of the missing Nightblades hunched over near a large lever...a gash runs through his mid-section...after carefully looking for traps or enemies that caused the wound One searches the body and finds a stone...the stone itself looks like any other rock and reminds of Ra'Gada memory stones...only this stone has a depictation of a crescent Moon on each side and what One knows to be Elder Scroll style glyph's running up and down each side...he puts it in his robes interior and reaches for the lever....*

"I dont think you should do that Master One" Ami says hesitantly

"Cant be any worse than the spoon, can it?"

*With that One pulls the lever and watches as the room comes to life all around them...One can hear what sounds like "clink...clink...clink" of Dwemer Spiders...before the Spiders can come within view though a mystic aura surrounds the pair and shots all throughout the Tower...when his sight clears One finds himself back outside with all the others...all looking to each other to see what had occured...One first searches his pockets for the stone which he's pleased to learn is still on his person...he searches the other confines of robe, but finds nothing...only when he looks to his staff does he notice another note...the note reads "Tsk, Tsk young fools, you've failed once shan't proceed that way, because it doesn't lead to the you have stone which graces your hands....and it appears that you want to stop my plans...I cant allow that, no not on this day...for you all might have to look a certain cant go back once you've entered my house...only cower in fear like a cat with a mouse...perhaps on the 'morrow you'll have more luck...and maybe get potions in case your stuck...until then friend I'll see you around...because its always more fun, with the Dam Dog in town"...unknown letters making reading the rest of the letter impossible...all One can think of is "HIM" again...with that he and Ami return to their quarters and have a look over the stone...Jaxas eyes everyone a little stranger than he has thus far...he then looks to the now fully shimmering Tower...*

<ooc> mods feel free to close this and I'll start part two tomorrow, once again I apologize for my absence and will do everything in my power to remain active through the day tomorrow...thanks <ooc>
Reichi blinked.They were all outside again."Awww....i wanted a sweetroll...."he mumbled.
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