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Update Roundup: October

Happy autumn, everyone!

This month's big news is the addition of Elder Scrolls Online's Morrowind chapter storyline, transcribed by our newest Assistant, The Lusty Dovahkiin. She's been a long time community member and a bureaucrat on the Polish Elder Scrolls wiki, and we're happy to welcome her to the Imperial Library team. The Morrowind chapter strikes a balance between evocative familiarity and wholly new content, and should be an interesting read to any lore fan. 

Lusty has also updated our Meet the Character archives, which are now back up to date. All the entries are worth checking out if you've not seen them already, but the news ones are Naryu Virian, Eerika Skjoralmor, Sun-in-Shadow, Provost Aruni Arvel, Proctor Luciana, Dominaus the Bloody HornedDivayr Fyr

And, as always, I've been on book upload duty. Here's a few of my favorites from this month's crop: 

Finally, I've also added a Boethiah's Bidding to the Cut Content section. It was a quest intended to follow Skyrim's quest for the prince Boethiah, and features the player assassinating Elisif the Fair.