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Update Roundup: May

This month has been all about books, books, and more books. With the Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind being made available to players who preordered the game, we here at TIL were finally able to share some of the new books from this Chapter. Players who have played TES3's depiction of Vvardenfell will find a lot of familiar content. While all the new books are very much worth reading, here are a few notable highlights:


There were also non-Vvardenfell books added, including:

  • Kari's Hit List, We're Even,  and Note to Nicolas - Each of these Thieves Guild books talks about interesting, but largely useless, artifacts found throughout Tamriel.
  • Fantos Epilion's Journal - Want to learn more about Dreugh vomit? This book is for you. 
  • Vastarie's Notes - Although cut from the final version of the game, these research papers feature some more examples of the Ayleid language. 
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Don't forget about this one that was just added!