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Update Roundup: June

In addition to the two big news items this month, we have a several smaller ones as well. 

First off, a section for Akaviri scripts has been added to the Tamrielic Alphabets page. It includes what we know about both the symbols seen in Sky Haven Temple in Skyrim and in the Akaviri messenger diary found in Pale Pass during TESIV:Oblivion. Thanks to Tailin Sero for putting that page together with the help of the community. 

Second, the uploading of books from The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind is now complete. Here are a few notable volumes added since I did my last roundup:

  • On the Clockwork City - Barilzar describes his experiences in Sotha Sil's private masterpiece
  • Silt Strider Caravaner's Log - an amusing travel log that reveals a bit about Silt Strider physiology 
  • Red Mountain's Might - a prophetic, mysterious look at the volcano and what lies beneath
  • Hlaalu Construction Syndic - a Redoran report on their dealings with the Hlaalu in Vvardenfell. Explains some of the politics behind the architectural oddities in 2nd era Vvardenfell
  • From Old Life to New - this is an older book, recounting some of the folklore behind the Old Life Festival

As a final change, the Forum Archive's Developer Posts section has received a minor update in preparation for a series of bigger updates. Each developer now has their own page. There's a lot of great stuff in there, both for learning about lore and for seeing into the minds of the people who created it.