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TES25 Gallery Updates

We've got some very special old new art for you guys today. Thanks to TheRockWithAMedicineCupOnHisHead, we've been able to obtain some never-before-seen Arena and Daggerfall concept art, as well as high resolution scans of the Redguard intro movie. Our very own Benefactor uncovered a treasure trove of Oblivion concept art, which has never before been posted on the internet. And I, meanwhile, compiled all of Ray Lederer's Skyrim concept art into one big gallery. As far as I'm aware, this is the first time most of this art has been gathered in one place!

Together, these galleries tell a story of evolution, starting in 1993 with an Arena that was not yet an RPG (much less an Elder Scrolls game), and ending in the most successful TES title of all time. In the coming months we will be updating our galleries with even more artwork to cover Elder Scrolls Online, Legends, Blades, and beyond. 

Check out a few choice pieces below, and click each gallery for more wonderful art. 

1993 — Arena location paintings by David Lee Anderson

1994 — Daggerfall concept art by Mark Jackson. (Warning: Like the game, this gallery contains nudity. Not suitable for work or for minors.)

1994-95 — Daggerfall logo concepts and 1995 CES mockup cover, by David Lee Anderson.

Circa 1998 — Redguard Movie stills, by Mark Jackson

Circa 2003-2005 — Oblivion concept art, by R. Todd Broadwater and Matt Carofano

Circa 2009-2010 — Skyrim concept art, by Ray Lederer

Please do not republish or rehost this art without explicit permission from the artists and from Bethesda. 

Tailin Sero's picture
Joined: 01/25/2014

Man, it would have been nice if houses in Skyrim has grass growing on top of them instead of straw. There's way to much grey and brown-ish yellow colours going on for my liking. Plus I think it would have really stood out in a good way. They also could have altered the grass colour/texture depending on region instead of the same old generic house design for Falkreath, Riverwood, Dawnstar, etc..

Anyway, these are some nice pics.

Joined: 01/27/2020

I get that we're not allowed to re-upload the artwork or anything, but would it be non-permissible to use the concept art as a profile picture? I really like the Oblivion concept of the Flame Atronach!

Joined: 01/27/2020

Do you think it would be okay if I used any of the conceptual artwork posted as a profile picture? Ngl, I'm in love with Oblivion's Flame Atronach art.

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Joined: 06/26/2010

You're totally welcome to use any of these as an avatar :)