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New Maps

I've added a ton of new maps to the Library for your enjoyment. In addition to in-game maps from Elder Scrolls Online, we have several top-down satelite style maps from that game, extracted from the data files. Some of these maps were shot while the zone was still in progress, and offer interesting notes for the level designers. Here, for example, are the Morrowind regions of the game:

You may also be interested in this map of western High Rock, again extracted from ESO. It shows several locations that were removed or changed by the time the game was released. You'll see these crop up in the future as I add more datamined ESO quests to the Cut Content section.

Last but not least, two new fan made maps have been added to the gallery. The first, created by Dillon241 of the Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages, translates the small West Tamriel map into something that's actually readable using in-game loading screens, maps, and the art on the Redguard game box.

The second, created by yours truly, uses in-game data, official maps, lore mentions, and data mining to put together as complete a look at Tamriel in the 4th era as I could manage. 

Joined: 04/07/2018

The very last map is missing Granitehall - depicted in TES1 and mentioned as existing in Skyrim by the Jarl of Falkreath in TES5 - though never actually depicted in the game itself.