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New look for TIL

A new look is in the works for The Imperial Library. The new theme will be a lot more structured and quite a bit more pleasing to the eye, so that the Library can feel like a library again. Also slated are some more up-to-date looking discussion boards.

In time, the new look will become the default setting for first-time visitors, but while we are still ironing out the kinks, registered members can take a sneak peek by selecting the new theme in their profile settings.


The new theme is now live!

Lorus's picture
Joined: 06/28/2010

Congrats on the new theme, Ada. It looks great. A huge improvement on the old themes.

B's picture
Joined: 06/14/2010

I love it! Well done. 

Nerevar Telvanni's picture
Joined: 07/06/2010

The new theme looks amazing, well done indeed.

Girai_the_Zealous's picture
Joined: 11/07/2012

Two thumbs way up. It's a very relaxing backdrop, plus a little more streamlined.

FloorBelow's picture
Joined: 11/16/2012

That looks real nice. One problem, though - it's a little hard to read the quotes up top.

Xan's picture
Joined: 01/01/2012

When I saw this design at first time, I fell in love instantly. Great job, Ada.

Silvenar's picture
Joined: 10/31/2012

It looks great. Excellent job.

Xeros's picture
Joined: 03/02/2011

Beautiful, thank you.

Stacet's picture
Joined: 07/03/2010

Tonight I tried too visit this great old site nearly by accident and in a split second I was simply blown away by the beauty of this super amazingly new look. Most times I don't like when an old site like this suddenly change it's look, but I'll admit this time it was an instant spot on. It really looks GREAT!

Words can't describe how good and cool the new theme looks. Ask me what I don't like and if something could be improved and it will be impossible for me too find a single thing.

Great job.

Celestina's picture
Joined: 06/28/2010

Wow, it looks amazing! Great job guys, huge improvement! Although I will always miss the banner with all the books and the spiral staircase.

Joined: 11/23/2012

This is significantly better than the previous theme. I used the imperial library before, but never explored it. Now I feel that it's significantly easier to look at and will likely explore it in the near future (in non-existent free time :P ).

Two suggestions:
As pointed out before, the quotes are not very easily readable (only somewhat easily), which I guess could be fixed by adding a semi-transparent backdrop to it.
The other thing I would also like are auto-refreshing quotes, which is clearly superfluous and as such this suggestion can be disregarded.

In any case, this theme is great!

Mythyc's picture
Joined: 04/12/2012

It looks spectacular.  I love it.

ladyonthemoon's picture
Joined: 07/31/2012

Thanks a lot for this new look. I just love it. :)

ladyonthemoon's picture
Joined: 07/31/2012

Unfortunately, loading pages takes ages. How can I get back to a lighter version? I don't see any option that would allow me to do that. Browsing the site is a real pain. :(