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New Articles

Two new articles have been added to the Library.

One, titled Genesis because "Monomyth" was already claimed, takes the various creation myths and arranges each part of them side by side to facilitate easy study. We still recommend reading the individual stories, but this format should make it easier to see how they are all different versions of one big story. You can find Genesis in the Religion & Mythology section of the sidebar.

The other article is a compilation of questions and answers pulled from the Elder Scrolls Online knowledgebase. While some of it concerns the game itself, there are several interesting details about the second era in general. You can find it under the Interviews section of the Developer heading in the sidebar. 

Our timeline has also been extensively (though rather subtly) updated, with numerous edits, rewrites, and additions to make it more accurate, better sourced, and easier to read.

If you have comments about these articles or suggestions about anything else, we encourage you to post them.