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Necrom Chapter: Recommended Reading

The Necrom Chapter has added nearly 170 new books to the world of Tamriel. We have gone through the stacks of books on the shelves of Apocrapha to bring you the latest recommended reading list. Please be advised that there may be spoilers with the below books so please read at your own risk. We cannot protect you from the secrets of Apocrapha.

History and Myths:

Parables of Saint Vorys
The Spires of the 34th Sermon
Daedric Worship and the Dark Elves
Our Dunmer Heritage
A Brief History of House Telvanni
Visitor's Guide: Telvanni Peninsula
History of Necrom: The City of the Dead
Ranks and Titles of House Telvanni
The Eye of Baan Dar

The Prior's Fulcrum
amrielic Twins of Myth

Books about Morian Zenas:

Notes on Doors of Oblivion
Morian Zenas Cell Note
Sentient Beasts of the Gallery

Books about Mora, his realm and those who inhabit it:

On the Infinite Panopticon
The Currency of Secrets
Herma-Mora: The Woodland Man
Master of the Tides of Fate
What's an Arcanist? Part 1
What's an Arcanist? Part 2
What about Glyphics?
Ciphers of the Eye
Denizens of Apocrapha
On Cipher's Midden

Interesting Volumes found in Apocrapha:

The Remnant Truth
History of the Dreamstone
Predestination and Paradox: A Treatise
ommentary on Fate Dialectal
The Dangers of Truth