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Library Update: Endless Archive

Much like our own Imperial Library cataloging books is something that any good library needs. With the release of update 40 for The Elder Scrolls online we can delve into Hermaeus Mora's Endless Archive, a depository of books held within Apocrypha.

We recently took a trip to this archive ourselves to find it overrun with Maligraphies, Daedric creatures made from ink taking the form of the book they came from. Thankfully this invasion gave us the oppurtunity to smuggle some books out of the Endless Archive. Please enjoy the newest inclusions to the library and if you spot any inky creatures coming out of any of these books please inform the nearest librarian right away.

Books on Tho'at Replicanum & Nymics:
Notes on Tho'at Replicanum (Recommended Reading)
Malkhest's Journal (Recommended Reading)
Archmagister Mavon's Ascension

Books used to create Maligraphies:
Materials for Novice Necromancers
On the Discovery of Relic Fiends
The Felling of Windweaper's Grove
Captain Burwarah's Records
Izzmothar's Power
The Silver Rose Blooms over Borderwatch

Tales of Tribute:
Lantern of the Endless Clue
Unfathomable Secrets Clue
Challenge of the Archivist

Other Books & Notes:
Fynboar the Resurrected (Recommended Reading)
Obscure Killers of the North (Recommended Reading)
Snushularg's Promise
The Last Addition of Bikkus-Muz
Warning: Wandering Monsters Spotted