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Items of the Second Era Added to the Library

Most of the updates we do around here are small. Add some books here, update a page there. But this one is a big one. 

We've added a whole new section, called Items of the Second Era, into the People & Societies tab. It's a breakdown of over 2,200 items and their descriptions from ESO. They are sorted into provinces and provide a fascinating look into the daily lives of your average Tamrielic citizens, including their fashion, hygiene habits, and bedroom proclivities. 

Check it out right here!

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Joined: 07/31/2012

Good job!

Joined: 02/11/2016

It's looking pretty good!

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Joined: 07/17/2016

It is looking quite amazing i must say i love your website and all the hard work you put into this website it has helped me so much i have wrote many eesays on it and i must say its fantasticly made