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Happy New Year!

Festive greetings, scholars!

2017 was a big year for the Library. In addition to Elder Scrolls Online keeping us very busy adding hundreds of new books, we added a number of new sections to our collection. Let's take a look back at some of our biggest additions. 

  • We started the year off with several new alphabet pages, including the Dragon and Mage scripts from Skyrim, the Akaviri script from Oblivion, and the Ancient Nordic runes from Elder Scrolls Online. 
  • Later on, we started documenting the main quest and DLC storylines for ESO. The story of the Daedric siege of the Imperial City and the waning of Vivec's power in Morrowind are both complete. 
  • The storylines of the latest addition to the TES family - Elder Scrolls Legends - have also been documented. You can check out its main quest here and the Fall of the Dark Brotherhood DLC here
  • With the release of ESO:Morrowind came an all-new, in-universe text for you to own: Naryu's Journal. It, too, is available in full on the library, with the generous help and permission of Zenimax Online and Lawrence Schick. 
  • After covering the recent releases, we took a look back in time to add all of the text from the very first Elder Scrolls game, Arena. While there are no actual books in that section, there are plenty of dialogs, place descriptions, and quests that let you see what Tamriel looked like in its earliest stages.  
  • We also added an interview and a gallery looking back at the nebulous time between Daggerfall and its sequel, which would eventually become Morrowind but once looked very, very different. 
  • The Astronomy and Astrology section was wholly redone to round out the year. 
  • We got a Discord server! It's pretty small and very informal, perfect for talking to some of the library patrons and staff in a casual setting. 

Last, but certainly not least, we've gained a few new staff members. Acer and The Lusty Dovahkiin have joined Tailin Sero (promoted late last year) as Assistant Librarians, and have already contributed greatly to the library. I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank others who help us out without a formal title - you guys are the best!

There are things to come in 2018, but for now, go forth and celebrate! 

Have a joyous, lore-filled 2018,

The Imperial Library Staff

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See yall next year!