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ESO Book Highlights: Reachmen

Skyrim introduced the defeated 4th era remnants of this culture by way of the Foresworn, and now ESO is expanding on their lore on the other side of the border. Remember to keep in mind the bias 'civilized' authors have against the clans of the Reach when reading the works below. 

Clans of the Reach: A Guide - three particularly hostile clans and their rituals
A Life Barbaric and Brutal - a young Breton is abducted and held as a slave. 
Triumphs of a Monarch - King Emeric's account of Durcorach the Black Drake's raids on High Rock. 
Aspects of Lord Hircine - a Reachmen shaman's description of the Daedra prince.

This is, of course, just a small sampling of the over 750 ESO books added thus far. Take a look at the Online section of the TES Game Books menu to read them all. Have you found a cool book, dialog, or location on your travels through 2nd era Tamriel? Post it over on the Storyboard for us all to ponder and admire.