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ESO Book Highlights: Khajiit & Elsweyr

This week's entries were really hard to pick. Although masterfully painted in broad strokes within past lore, Elsweyr has not been explored until now. ESO features gorgeous visual design and wonderful new books to give us a look into this province and its mysterious, alien inhabitants. 

The Moon Cats and their Dance - a great book about Khajiiti philosophy, their forms, and the foreign views of them. Attributed to the famous Clan Mother Ahnissi
Moon Worship among the Cat Men - a biased text about Khajiiti religion and politics. 
A Dance in Moonlight - the story of a maiden who stole the light of the moons. 
The Seven Shadows of Rajhin - a fable about this famous culture hero.
The Thief God's Treasures - another take of Rajhin, this time explaining his relationship with the famous Ring of  Khajiit
Litter-Mates of Darkness - the dual, moon-tied afterlife and worship of the Khajiit.

Due to the great work of Pilaf, we have a scant 765 books remaining! The majority of them are journals and correspondences, and we will continue to add them in the coming days. Give him a big round of applause, and head over to the Online section to read all our uploads thus far.