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ESO Book Highlights: Bretons & High Rock

To follow up last week's highlight of the Reachmen, today we'll be looking at the more 'civilized' denizens of High Rock, the Bretons. In addition to the political intrigue for which the region is famous, ESO delves deeper into the lore of the Direnni elves and the ancient mysteries surrounding the Iliac Bay. Here are a few of our favorites: 

A Royal Embarrassment - a anti-Daggerfall Covenant pamphlet lambasting Emeric and his family.
The Knightly Orders of High Rock - an overview of High Rock's social classes and their origins.
The Bretons: Mongrels or Paragons - discuses the dual genetic heritage of the Breton peoples.
Tower of Adamant - a history of the Adamantine Tower.
Once - a poetic history of the Direnni.

As of this post, we have just under a thousand ESO books in our library, largely due to the effort and dedication of Pilaf. Give him a big round of applause when you next see him!

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Joined: 11/27/2010

I'm kind of intrigued by this story and wonder if it will play into ESO's gameplay in any way. I haven't reached that point yet but am quite intrigued by the notion that a working class Breton boy may have been responsible for escalating tensions with the Alessians way back in the First Era.

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Guys, your dedication is amazing. Thank you very much!