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Emperor's Guide to Tamriel: Morrowind

The next installment in the book is now online. Called Stonefalls and the Deshaan, it covers the middle section of the Morrowind mainland, consisting primarily of the lands of Great House Dres and Indoril. This is a fairly brief chapter, reviewing much of the information we previously learned in TES3 (such as Ashlanders and the prophet Veloth) and updating it with new Elder Scrolls Online information. 

Go ahead and check it out!

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The Emperor's Guide does a good job of using these chapters to kind of prelude the content in ESO, while often debunking the unseen previous Emperor's Guide, which is ridiculously jingoistic in tone.Of course Flaccus' own clear bias is hilarious, especially the line about how he doesn't believe in Almalexia despite meeting her face to face.