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Cartography Update

Over twenty new maps have been added to the Library's Cartography section. Most are regional maps pulled from ESO's interactive map feature. You should totally check that out, by the way - it includes many anecdotes and texts about life in the 2nd era. The other two maps are pulled from the Elder Scrolls Anthology. They are a new map of Tamriel and an updated map of the Iliac Bay. The former features two potentially interesting misspellings: Elinhir as Blinhir, and Jehanna as Jelhana. Both these maps were scanned and given to us by Sage of Ice, so big thanks to him. 

When you're done studying all those, you should take a look at this fascinating thesis by forum user Emily. She writes expertly about the impact of real-world cultures and outlooks on them within Skyrim and RPGs in general.