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Blackwood Preview: Locations Then and Now

While exploring Blackwood you will come across many locations new and old. Many will bring back a nostalgic feeling for TES IV: Oblivion or even further back. This guide will show you some of these locations and what they looked like 700 years before during The Elder Scrolls Online.
Leyawiin is a bustling city often called the Jewel of the Topal Bay. Unlike it's third era counterpart the Leyawiin you will find in the second era features a port, canal gates to let goods into the city, and much less flooding in the city proper. The city-state has managed to so far stay out of the Three Banner War by utilizing the Ivory Brigade who took up defending the city after the fall of the longhouse emperors. Some things remain the same no matter the time such as the city being ruled by a Countess Caro and the towering landmark of the Chapel of Zenithar.
The second major city you will find yourself visiting is Gideon. This is a city that hasn't been seen since Arena so quite a lot has changed. Gideon in the second era is ruled by Keshu the Blackfin a war hero for the Ebonheart Pact. It's most notable features you will find is that it is build on top of an Ayleid ruin that it's inhabitants consider an eyesore, a chapel of Dibella where those who practice the Dibellan arts can find refuge, and it's proximity to the ruins of Castle Giovesse most notable for appearing in the 2920 book series.
Fort Blueblood:
The location with the biggest glow-up is by far would have to be Fort Blueblood. It goes to show just what time to do to a once busy fort. While in the third era the fort was crumbling and almost overgrown, the fort in the second era is quite active and is used as an outpost by the Ivory Brigand.
Borderwatch varies greatly from it's third era counterpart. Instead of being a town of Khajiit who believe in a prophecy by the Mad god Sheogorath you will instead find a small Imperial town towered over by Fort Borderwatch. The fort is is currently in an ongoing hostage situation and you will find it is in need of your help. 
Deepscorn Hollow:
While in the third era this cave system is the base of the Crimson Scars, the second era finds it overrun by Sithis cultists. This is where you can meet and join forces with your companion Bastian who is on his current quest. Undertake his mission to encounter familiar names and to take on the so called Daughter of Sithis.
Shrine of Nocturnal:
While Nocturnal's shrine has definitely undergone renovation over the years one thing remains the same, thieves are always attracted to stealing artifacts from the Night Mistress. You will find the same to be true this time around as well as you can elect to recover another of Nocturnal's stolen artifacts by accepting a quest from the Ur-Dra herself.
Veyond is an Ayleid ruin that hasn't really changed much from the 700 year time difference. Instead you will find this ruin is being used in a Telvanni experiment with Remus Demnevanni who is attempting new magic to banish ghosts. Will you travel to Veyond to assist?
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