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Aldmeri Alphabets

A new Aldmeri Alphabets article has been written to replace the outdated Dwemer Runes page. In addition to translations of Dwemeri, Ayleid, and Falmeri writing systems, it includes all references to the languages in game, translations, symbology, and notes on pronunciation. You can find it in the "Languages & Arts" section of the Library. 

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Wow, incredibly thorough, helpful article. TIL marches forward.

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I love this web page!! How can i help??


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Very interesting article. I decided to throw in some ideas.

First of all, to me it seems that the runes used by the dwemer in Skyrim are the earlier form of Dwemeri runes used during the time when the falmeri asked for a refuge and signed the bilingual text found in a certain quest. So the timeframe might be around the start of the First Era or so. Then the dwemeri script would be a later form of the dwemeri writing, having evolved into a syllabry, which also explains why this form of writing is found in Hammerfell (which was settled by the dwemer only when the Rourken left Morrowind).

Could it also be possible that the late dwemeri runes used in Morrowind and Hammerfell have two meanings each? The basic meaning is the one listed in the "letter name" on the table on this article such as nch. The second meaning is a single-sound, such as ahh > a, and marked by the special letter that looks like _. So instead of capitalizing a letter, that sign would mean the letter uses its traditional single-sound pronunciation.

I lack the dwemeri font, but using my theory, the name of the Rourken (with . separating the sounds and _ meaning the special letter) would be written r_.ow.rk.e_.n_

This would make the dwemeri script much more versatile and usable, as without the second pronunciation and a way to mark it in text, writing and reading any text would be very difficult. Also this would explain why the _ sign does not appear in for example the Skyrim alphabet as it has no need for it, the letters can only be read in a single way.