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20th Anniversary Contest Winners!

First off: a big thank you to all who entered! The submissions we received were absolutely astounding, and selecting the winners was a very hard choice, both for the judges and for the public. Everyone who submitted deserves a big round of applause, you guys did fantastic work!

Please check out all our wonderful submissions for art at this link, and for fiction at this one.  

Without further ado, here are the winners for both contests! 

Art Judge's Choice Grand Prize

Clockwork Giant - by Sak/Quartervirus (PatreonTumblrDeviantArtFacebook, TwitterInstagramArtStation, website

Art Popular Vote Winner

A Moment - by Zet Leonhart (TwitterTumblr)

Art Runners Up

Nasty contract - by Hartiganhero (deviantArt)

Sigillum Sanguis - by Alfred Khamidullin / Hieronymus7z (website)

Writing Judge's Choice Grand Prize

On the True Form of Tamrielic History and the Spreading of Knowledge - by Lena D. (website)

Writing Popular Vote Winner

Journal of Septimus Signus, v.1 - by Michael Connor (

Writing Runners Up


Empty Night - SilenceOfAutumn (Reddit

A big congratulations to all the winners! I'll be getting in touch with you shortly about claiming your prizes, so keep an eye on your email inbox. 


Like I mentioned above, this was an extremely tight race. As such, I wanted to also highlight the works that were just a few points shy of a win. 

Teaching Proper Cyrodiilic to Nord Children: A Bruma Schoolteacher's Guide - by HeroesofTamriel (Tumblr)

The Era of Order - by General Aulus 

Return to Orsinium - by Apalethe (in ESO as @SmallCritter)

A Study on Memory and its Affect on Reproduction - by Sothas

The 'World-Eater’ Myth - by Lost in Hyrule

You are not a Battlemage - by Alex Pecha

History of the Companions, 4th Era - by Ilanisilver

The Vul Okaaz Tome - by Ard

1:16 new life festival flag - by Michael Taylor

The Dark Brotherhood - by Roorensama (TumblrInstagram

The Fall of an Empire - by Ravnie (InstagramTumblrDeviantArt, Twitter)

Long Road to Maar Gan - by Anton Makarau (BeefPuppy) (TumblrTwitter


Thank you once again to everyone that entered - your work is amazing! Everyone's efforts will be forever preserved in on the Imperial Library under the "Collaboration" section in the sidebar. 


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Joined: 09/13/2018

LOVELY work, all! Congratulations to the winners! <3

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Joined: 09/10/2018

Great choice! Congrats all!

Joined: 09/18/2018

Congratulations to the winners, lots of amazing work. And thank you very much to anyone who voted for my story, or simply read and enjoyed it. This was a fun challenge and I appreciate the opportunity.