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The Library has moved

The Library has moved to different servers. Let use know if anything is broken!

Redguard and Battlespire, Now on Good Old Games

You read that right! These two great and previously unplayable games are now available from Good Old Games. They're preconfigured to run on modern machines, taking all the headache out of dealing with dos and config files. 

You can nab them, as well as the GOTY version of Morrowind, in a reduced price introductory pack right here, or individually on their respective pages. 

Kyne's Challenge

Check out Kyne's Challenge: A Hunter's Companion, the third and final book from the Hero's Guide to Tamriel. Written by Grundvik Cold-Fist, it is the story of a band of adventurers out to hunt and document Tamriel's many beasts.  Like the rest of the Guide, it is located in the Novels section of the sidebar. Codex

A long time ago, the official Elder Scrolls website had a Codex section which included basic information about the world of Tamriel, much of which was found nowhere else. After the section was first stripped down in 2004, and then eliminate in 2011, the knowledge of the Codex became apocryphal. Now, however, we've backed the whole thing up in the Library for your reference needs. There's a lot of cool information there, so be sure to give it a read!

You can find it under People & Societies in the sidebar, named TES:III Codex

The Bounty of Mundus

Check out Agents and Reagents: The Bounty of Mundus, now up in the Library. This book, written by an alchemist's apprentice, describes common alchemical ingredients, their effects, and how to best harvest them.  It is part of the Hero's Guide to Tamriel series, copies of which are still available on the Bethesda storeThe few illustrations we've been able to reproduce were created by Brynn Metheney.

Arms and Armor of Tamriel

The first book in the Hero's Guide to Tamriel is now available for your reading pleasure. Called Gathering Force: Arms and Armor of Tamriel, it is a Fighter's Guild guide to the armaments of the various races and antagonists in 2nd Era. The text is beautifully illustrated by Caio Cacau.

You can find a link to the text in the Novels section of the navigation menu, or by clicking right here. Happy reading! 

New TES Books Announced

Starting next year, you'll be able to read the wonderful books of Skyrim and Elder Scrolls Online from the comfort of your fancy red leather library chair. Bethesda announced a partnership with Titan Books to bring you a two-volume set of ESO lore books and a three volume set collecting the literature of Skyrim. Each book will, of course, be lavishly illustrated, with the ESO tomes featuring nearly a hundred totally new art pieces. 

Find out more about this exciting development over on Bethblog

Zenimax Online Writer Interview

The writing team of Zenimax Online did an Ask Me Anything with the good people of /r/elderscrollsonline back in September, and now we've got a transcript of it for you. It's very long but very much worth a read, as just about any and every lore topics gets a mention. 

Emperor's Guide to Tamriel: The Final Chapters

The last bits of text from the Emperor's Guide to Tamriel are finally up on the Library. One is the ominously titled Dreams of Cyrodiil, and the last a short afterword letter. Neither are in the same style as the rest of the book, and rather than spoiling things with a summary, I'm going to go ahead and let you read it for yourselves. 

We are also in the process of adding images to the Guide. While Bethesda is not allowing anyone to scan in the images from the guide itself, we are able to fill in much of it with previously released art from the game and promotional materials. 

Go ahead and finish off Flaccus Torentius' saga right here

Emperor's Guide to Tamriel: Valenwood

The penultimate chapter to the Emperor's Guide is now available. In it, Flaccus encounters Maormeri pirates, explores the Valenwood jungle, and imbibes many intoxicating substances before finally spiraling down towards what will be his end. The sidebars, meanwhile, do a great job of explaining the Green Pact and other facets of Bosmeri culture and religion. 

Definitely give it a read!