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Cartography Overhaul

As you might have noticed, the Cartography section has been completely reworked. The maps are now more clearly arranged and labeled, with big thumbnails and a division between official and fan-made maps. The section has also been updated with regional maps from Elder Scrolls Online. 

Emperor's Guide to Tamriel: Black Marsh

In today's Emperor's Guide update, Flaccus travels to Black Marsh. Much of this chapter involves dispelling or confirming stereotypes about the province, and although the author does not get to travel very deep into the province, we get a considerable number of sidebars covering the history of the Argonians, their culture, their relationship with the Hist, and the mysterious group known as the Shadowscales. 

Read it right here

Happy 12th Birthday, Imperial Library!

Today, 12 years ago, Xanathar chose to abandon the Dragonlance section of Xanathar's Library, and the modern Imperial Library was born. To honor this occasion, we've updated the About Us section with a timeline of the major events of TIL and Elder Scrolls in general. You'll noticed that the actual birth of the Library was on September 1st, 1998, but you can't blame me for being eager to celebrate :) 

If you're looking for an even bigger blast from the past, check out our backup of The Essential Site. It was one of the first, and best, early Elder Scrolls sites, and many of the books and obscure texts which are now housed here began their life there. 

In addition to all of that, we've added two Redguard-related interviews conducted by the now-defunct AdrenalineVault. Although they don't really contain lore information, they do give a fascinating look into the mentality and function of Bethesda Softworks in 1998, before they made it big. Check them out here and here

Emperor's Guide to Tamriel: Morrowind

The next installment in the book is now online. Called Stonefalls and the Deshaan, it covers the middle section of the Morrowind mainland, consisting primarily of the lands of Great House Dres and Indoril. This is a fairly brief chapter, reviewing much of the information we previously learned in TES3 (such as Ashlanders and the prophet Veloth) and updating it with new Elder Scrolls Online information. 

Go ahead and check it out!

Emperor's Guide to Tamriel: Skyrim

The Skyrim section of the Emperor's Guide is now uploaded. In addition to the expected complaints about the fridgid temperature of the province and the boisterous nature of its inhabitants, we learn a great about the history of ancient Skyrim, including a very nice Imperial counterpoint to the Aldudaggas. Surprisingly, our noble hero manages to mostly stay out of trouble. 

Read about all that and more right here

Emperor's Guide to Tamriel: Orcs and Reachmen

The next section of the Emperor's Guide is now available. Named Northern Bangkorai and the Mountains, it covers the Orcs of the Daggerfall Covenant and the Reachmen plaguing the region. In addition to insights into both those cultures, we get to learn a bit more about the Daedra and Mannimarco, and are introduced to Vanus Galerion, the founder of the Mage's Guild. He turns out to be kind of a jerk. 

You can find it right here, or in the sidebar under the Pocket Guides heading. Many thanks to laurelanthalasa for transcribing this section. 

The Selectives Podcast #01: Unreliable Narrator

As seen on r/teslore a selective bunch of people started a podcast on youtube. It's about lore and stuff and kinda interesting. I'd strongly recommend to lend it your ear for a while.

The Selectives Podcast #01: Unreliable Narrator.

Loremaster's Archive Update

The question and answer portion of the Loremaster's Archive series now has a home in the library. You can find it in the Interviews section as Loremaster's Archive Q&A, under the Developer's heading in the sidebar. Although there are many individual entries in the series, we've chosen to keep them all in one article for ease of access. 

Emperor's Guide to Tamriel: Hammerfell

The next part of the Emperor's Guide, covering Hammerfell, is now up! Like the game, the Guide sticks to the northern Alik'r. It introduces a new group of Redguards - the Ash'abah, the nomadic caretakers of Hammerfell's necropoli - and focuses heavily on the Redguard's religion and views on the undead. The architecture, fauna, and history of the province also gets some loving attention. 

Many thanks to laurelanthalasa and the nighthawker for helping to type this section up. 


Loremaster’s Archive and a Progress Update

Have you been keeping up with ESO's Loremaster Archives? This weeks entry is all about Hircine and werewolves, and is definitely worth a read. As always, you should submit questions for the series to - I'm sure you guys have some great things you're itching to know. 

Although we've fallen behind on reporting news around the Library, lots of progress has been made. Thanks to the help of laurelanthalasa and the nighthawker, the Emperor's Guide transcription is nearing completion. The next chapter, covering Hammerfell, will go live early next week, and we'll be rolling out the rest week by week. Art, currently absent, will be added as the final step. 

We are also most of the way through uploading the new books from ESO, with most of the remaining texts being journals, notes, or duplicates from previous games. New books are being added every day, and once they're all up, we'll be turning out attention to uploading the Loremaster's Archive series mentioned above, as well as books from Beta that did not make it into the final game. Not to mention, of course, updating the timeline and our articles with all the new information.