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New Scripts

Thanks to the efforts of Tailin Sero and The Lusty Dovahkiin, this library is now home to five new pages about Mundrial writing systems: Elder Script (found on the Elder Scrolls themselves), Divine (found on the Eye of Magnus and Black Books of TESV: Skyrim), Dragon (found throughout the province of Skyrim), Mage Script (of Shalidor's Insights in TESV), and Ancient Nordic Runes (found on standing stones in Elder Scrolls Online). Each page includes a diagram of symbols, explanation of the system, and examples of its use.

All of these pages, along with the Daedric and Aldmeri alphabets, can be found in the Language & Arts section of the sidebar.

Festive Greetings!

A happy New Life, one and all! We've added two new interviews about the Festival for this occasion. The first was conducted by Benefactor on behalf of Tamriel Foundry, and the second by IceFireWarden. 

Stories, in Game and Not

Two new things in the Library recently.

One, the complete story of Elder Scrolls: Legends, the new card game by Direwolf Digital. 

Two, a new section called Cut Content, meant to house things that made it into the game's data files, but didn't make it into the actual playable game. Currently it contains unused arcane imagery from Skyrim's Shalidor's Insights book, as well as a wealth of information on southern Alinor and its politics from an early draft of Elder Scrolls Online. You can find this section under Special Collections in the main menu.

New Interview: Hist, Shadowscales, and More

We've got a brand new in-character interview up with two of the writers from Zenimax Online. Leamon Tuttle, playing Heem-Jas and Hides-the-Ashes, indulges my questions about the Hist and Shadowscales respectively, while Lawrence Schick resumes the role of Vicecanon Heita-Meen to provide some answers about Black Marsh politics. There's lots of juicy new info in there, so be sure to give it a read. Big thanks out to the guys, as well as Benefactor and Jessica Folsom for facilitating the interview! 

Check it out right here. 

(As an aside, I know we've been quiet on the news lately, but there's always something going on behind the scenes) 

Items of the Second Era Added to the Library

Most of the updates we do around here are small. Add some books here, update a page there. But this one is a big one. 

We've added a whole new section, called Items of the Second Era, into the People & Societies tab. It's a breakdown of over 2,200 items and their descriptions from ESO. They are sorted into provinces and provide a fascinating look into the daily lives of your average Tamrielic citizens, including their fashion, hygiene habits, and bedroom proclivities. 

Check it out right here!

The Library has moved

The Library has moved to different servers. Let use know if anything is broken!

Redguard and Battlespire, Now on Good Old Games

You read that right! These two great and previously unplayable games are now available from Good Old Games. They're preconfigured to run on modern machines, taking all the headache out of dealing with dos and config files. 

You can nab them, as well as the GOTY version of Morrowind, in a reduced price introductory pack right here, or individually on their respective pages. 

Kyne's Challenge

Check out Kyne's Challenge: A Hunter's Companion, the third and final book from the Hero's Guide to Tamriel. Written by Grundvik Cold-Fist, it is the story of a band of adventurers out to hunt and document Tamriel's many beasts.  Like the rest of the Guide, it is located in the Novels section of the sidebar. Codex

A long time ago, the official Elder Scrolls website had a Codex section which included basic information about the world of Tamriel, much of which was found nowhere else. After the section was first stripped down in 2004, and then eliminate in 2011, the knowledge of the Codex became apocryphal. Now, however, we've backed the whole thing up in the Library for your reference needs. There's a lot of cool information there, so be sure to give it a read!

You can find it under People & Societies in the sidebar, named TES:III Codex

The Bounty of Mundus

Check out Agents and Reagents: The Bounty of Mundus, now up in the Library. This book, written by an alchemist's apprentice, describes common alchemical ingredients, their effects, and how to best harvest them.  It is part of the Hero's Guide to Tamriel series, copies of which are still available on the Bethesda storeThe few illustrations we've been able to reproduce were created by Brynn Metheney.