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Update Roundup: September

With the test release of the Clockwork City DLC for Elder Scrolls Online, books are once again at the forefront here at the library. The DLC added a lot of interesting texts about the city itself, as well as a few that have an impact on Tamriel in general. Here are a few of my favorites: 


There have also been a few updates to the Gallery section of the library. The Redguard concept art page has been updated with quotes from an interview with John Pearson, lead artist of Redguard, which originally appeared on the old site. The quotes provide wonderful insight into the creation of the game. 

I've also added a brand new galley and interview to the site with the help of Benefactor, our friend from Tamriel Foundry and TES history extraordinaire. The galley is dedicated to an 1996 Clyde Cadwell cover for a game that was supposed to be the sequel to Daggerfall. The cover bears no resemblance to the Morrowind that eventually came to be, but is a fascinating look into the early history of the franchise (and a really cool piece of art!). Check out the gallery here and read the interview with the artist here. 

The Arena Archive Project


The Elder Scrolls: Arena is a fascinating artifact. While its map formed the canvas on which future titles painted their conception of the universe, very little of its background made it into its sequels, and most of its lore was never documented.

Until now.

The Game Books > Arena section now includes most of the text from the game, from local rumors to mythical artifacts to the stuff people carry in their pockets. While none of them are books, I felt that this would be the most logical location for them (for now, at least).

You'll quickly notice that much of it bears little resemblance to Elder Scrolls as we know it today. Look a little deeper, however, and you'll notice that some very large parts of TES lore got their start as throw-away Arena mentions. The Underking was once just an evil necromancer, Kynareth a spirit with a legendary crypt, and the Blades an extrajudicial organization of epic warriors. 

  • Artifact Dialog - Rumors and conversations about the mythical artifacts of Tamriel. Many of these artifacts are also found in later titles, sometimes with nearly identical backstories. 
  • City Descriptions - Welcome messages and brief descriptions of each city found in Arena.
  • Exclamations - "By the Wood of Elborn!" Region-based exclamations and curses from around the Empire.
  • Holidays - Descriptions of Arena's holidays and what the people have to say about them.
  • Jokes - Pretty lame jokes.
  • Location Entry Messages - Messages displayed based on season when you enter an audience chamber, tavern, shop, temple, or mages guild.
  • Occupations and their Descriptions - Various occupations available to NPCs in Arena. Unlike later games, which focused more on classes (fighter, assassin, etc.) these are all very utilitarian occupations.
  • Organizations - The various guilds of Tamriel, and messages for when the player faces their members in combat. 
  • Rumors - Stuff the people tell you, general and quest-related.
  • Stolen Items - Describes the contents of people's pockets. 


In addition to all those new pages, the Arena Storyline has also been extensively updated to include rumors and the quest dialog related to finding each location. The manual's Introduction has been split off into its own page, and the French Introduction has been graciously translated by Tailin Sero. The English version takes place after Jagar Tharn has imprisoned the Emperor and is told by "Talin," who takes the role of the player character. The French version, meanwhile, focuses on Tharn himself and how he came up with his evil plan.


Update Roundup: June

In addition to the two big news items this month, we have a several smaller ones as well. 

First off, a section for Akaviri scripts has been added to the Tamrielic Alphabets page. It includes what we know about both the symbols seen in Sky Haven Temple in Skyrim and in the Akaviri messenger diary found in Pale Pass during TESIV:Oblivion. Thanks to Tailin Sero for putting that page together with the help of the community. 

Second, the uploading of books from The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind is now complete. Here are a few notable volumes added since I did my last roundup:

  • On the Clockwork City - Barilzar describes his experiences in Sotha Sil's private masterpiece
  • Silt Strider Caravaner's Log - an amusing travel log that reveals a bit about Silt Strider physiology 
  • Red Mountain's Might - a prophetic, mysterious look at the volcano and what lies beneath
  • Hlaalu Construction Syndic - a Redoran report on their dealings with the Hlaalu in Vvardenfell. Explains some of the politics behind the architectural oddities in 2nd era Vvardenfell
  • From Old Life to New - this is an older book, recounting some of the folklore behind the Old Life Festival

As a final change, the Forum Archive's Developer Posts section has received a minor update in preparation for a series of bigger updates. Each developer now has their own page. There's a lot of great stuff in there, both for learning about lore and for seeing into the minds of the people who created it. 

Travel Through Tamriel with Naryu's Journal

Missed your chance to get Naryu's Journal with The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind's collector's edition? Don't despair, because we now have the full text available! In it, the titular assassin takes us through the territories added to ESO post-launch as she hunts seven traitors of the Morag Tong

Check it out for a sassy romp through Tamriel.

Storyline Updates

A few developments in the storyline department. 

First, the plot of the Elder Scrolls Legends: Fall of the Dark Brotherhood is now (mostly) complete. The only thing missing is the final dialog branch for the player siding with Uther. The artwork is still pending as well. 

Second, I've uploaded the storyline to Elder Scrolls Online's Imperial City DLC. A big thanks is due to Xui'al, who did all the transcription work. Since the Imperial City is a Player-versus-Player combat zone in the game, this transcription is especially helpful to those of us who prefer to play ESO strictly solo. 

At this point you might be wondering what happened to the storyline of Skyrim or of ESO proper. Simply put, while we love having the storylines of the site and know that they contain a lot of important lore information, we're stretched pretty thin around here and can't prioritize them. If you've got some time on your hands and want to transcribe some portion of either game, please let me know! 

Update Roundup: May

This month has been all about books, books, and more books. With the Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind being made available to players who preordered the game, we here at TIL were finally able to share some of the new books from this Chapter. Players who have played TES3's depiction of Vvardenfell will find a lot of familiar content. While all the new books are very much worth reading, here are a few notable highlights:


There were also non-Vvardenfell books added, including:

  • Kari's Hit List, We're Even,  and Note to Nicolas - Each of these Thieves Guild books talks about interesting, but largely useless, artifacts found throughout Tamriel.
  • Fantos Epilion's Journal - Want to learn more about Dreugh vomit? This book is for you. 
  • Vastarie's Notes - Although cut from the final version of the game, these research papers feature some more examples of the Ayleid language. 

Update Roundup: April

We do a lot of work here at the Library, but don't talk about it much. Let's fix that, shall we?

Over 60 new books from Elder Scrolls Online were added to the library this month. With the Morrowind chapter out in June, we're making an effort to get the caught up in preparation. Here are a few notable titles from the latest batch: 

The storyline for The Elder Scrolls Legends first DLC, Fall of the Dark Brotherhood, is almost complete. One big thing we're missing is the dialog for the alternate paths. If you've got videos or screenshots of what happens if you pick the choices we don't have documented, please let Lady N know. 


New Homestead Interview

Have you ever wanted to own a nice house in High Rock, or been curious about merish living arrangements? Learn more about the housing situation in 2nd Era Tamriel in IceFireWarden's interview of Housing Broker Canthion, played by Zenimax Online's Lawrence Schick. The Homestead update for Elder Scrolls Online is now live on all platforms, so after you're done reading you can get straight to decorating!


New Scripts

Thanks to the efforts of Tailin Sero and The Lusty Dovahkiin, this library is now home to five new pages about Mundrial writing systems: Elder Script (found on the Elder Scrolls themselves), Divine (found on the Eye of Magnus and Black Books of TESV: Skyrim), Dragon (found throughout the province of Skyrim), Mage Script (of Shalidor's Insights in TESV), and Ancient Nordic Runes (found on standing stones in Elder Scrolls Online). Each page includes a diagram of symbols, explanation of the system, and examples of its use.

All of these pages, along with the Daedric and Aldmeri alphabets, can be found in the Language & Arts section of the sidebar.

Festive Greetings!

A happy New Life, one and all! We've added two new interviews about the Festival for this occasion. The first was conducted by Benefactor on behalf of Tamriel Foundry, and the second by IceFireWarden.