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Lord of Souls Sample

Random House and Bethesda have just put up the first 50 pages of the new Elder Scrolls novel, Lord of Souls. Head over to Bethblog to read it.

Lord of Souls

Lord of Souls

The second Elder Scrolls novel, Lord of Souls, written by Greg Keyes, will be available in North America starting on September 27th.  It wil be available in the UK on September 23rd. 

Skyrim Collector's Edition



Bethesda has announced details for the Collector's Edition of Skyrim.

Skyrim Fan Interview

It's the Skyrim Fan Interview!  Rush on over and take a look.

Happy Birthday to You

Game Critics Awards

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has won the Game Critics Awards for Best Console Game and Best Role Playing Game.  Congratulations!

Skyrim E3 News

Congratulations to Skyrim for being named Eurogamer's E3 Game of Show, winning Xplay Best RPG for E3 2011, and for being named Gametrailers Best Role-Playing Game.  In addition, Skyrim has been nominated for three Game Critics Awards - The Best of E3 2011, including Best Role Playing Game, Best Console Game, and the overall Best of Show award.  Winners will be announced on June 28, 2011.

Oblivion 5th Anniversary Edition

BethBlog announces: Oblivion 5th Anniversary Edition coming to North America on July 12th!

Cosmic particles

(11:03:13 PM) Proweler: Should be good to go now.

(11:03:30 PM) Adanorcil: what was the matter

(11:06:17 PM) Proweler: Cosmic particles.
(11:07:34 PM) Adanorcil: damn cosmic particles always causing trouble

A New Podcast

Rush right over and check out the newest Bethesda Podcast: Oblivion 5th Anniversary Special.  It's packed with juicy tidbits of information about TES IV: Oblivion.