Books introduced in TES3: Morrowind

This page lists all of the books first introduced in The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind, which was released in 2002. Books first released in its expansions, Tribunal (2002) and Bloodmoon (2003) are also included here.

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Fiction & Narrative

A Dance in Fire - This series of books retells Decumus Scotti's adventures in Valenwood during the 5 years war between it and Elsweyr
A Game at Dinner - A published letter from an anonymous spy about the game Prince Helseth cleverly played at the dinner between him and his Councilors
Ancient Tales of the Dwemer - Fables and folk tales attributed to the Dwemer
Bone - Fictional story about the invention of medium armor
Breathing Water - An amusing story about a smuggler and a water breathing spell
Chance’s Folly - The story of a thief who's just too skilled for her own good
Confessions of a Dunmer Skooma-Eater - A true-story about a Skooma-addicted Dunmer
Feyfolken - The classic tale of scribe and his enchanted quill
Final Lesson - Another lesson imparted by the Great Sage (from the Feyfolken books) to his students
Hallgerd’s Tale - As Hallgerd's stated: "This is a story about someone who was more agile and accomplished in his armor than out of it"
Ice and Chitin - How ice and chitin saved an Officer and her Lieutenant from an army
Incident in Necrom - Four adventurers set out to clear a cemetery from vampires Exults the benefits of illusion magic
Last Scabbard of Akrash - This book has it all -- romance, slavery, and head lopping!
Master Zoaraym’s Tale - This a story about Master Zoaraym and his students at the Temple of the Two Moons in Elsweyr
Mystery of Princess Talara - The classic story about political intrigue in the royal family of Camlorn
Night Falls on Sentinel - An assassin tells of how he removed the crown prince of Sentinel
Palla - The classic, relatable tale of a boy in love with his friend's mother
Realizations of Acrobacy - A tale of a struggle between Telvanni councilors Neloth and Gothren
Ruins of Kemel-Ze - An archeologist's adventure in the fabled ruin
Silence - A tale of an adventurer who needs to learn a Silence spell in order to defeat two very perilous foes
Smuggler’s Island - S'Riizh and Harithoel are stranded on an island with 5 crates of moon sugar
Surfeit of Thieves - A tale about a robbery gone horribly, horribly awry
The Armorers’ Challenge [TES3] - Two armorers compete for the right to design armor for the Imperial troops
The Axe Man - The story of the devlopment of a Morag Tong assassin who exclusively used the axe during business hours Raises your Axe skill
The Black Arrow - A tale which shows that nobles do not always get what they want
The Cake and the Diamond - An amusing story about a clever alchemist and greedy thieves
The Four Suitors of Benitah - The tale of how a man wins the heart of a woman
The Gold Ribbon of Merrit - An amusing story of two friends, one a self-centered buffoon and the other a quiet but gifted warrior, reuniting for some idle archery
The Hope of the Redoran - A tale of a child blessed by a prophesy and the interpretaion thereof
The Locked Room - Yana is a locksmithing student who is interested in the theory and technique of the craft more than the practical considerations of it. Arthcamu is her impatient, pragmatic, and cruel instructor. By the end of the story, one of their deaths is imminent!
The Marksmanship Lesson - The basic argument against mistreating your Bosmer slaves, especially those with exeptional bow ability
The Mirror - A story about an exceptional fighter and his showdown with his greatest enemy
The Poison Song - An epic set in the aftermath of the War with the Dwemer and House Dagoth
The Prayers of Baranat - A story about the adventure of very faithful man, in his quest to release the kidnapped lady Reading this will increases hand-to-hand skill
The Rear Guard - An amusing tale of a man trapped in a castle, and the ordeals that he must go through to eat
The Wraith’s Wedding Dowry - Never steal from a women on her wedding day
Three Thieves - A tale of thievery and betrayal
Trap - The story of someone being captured by the Berne Vampires and being kept as cattle This book raises your sneak skill
Vernaccus and Bourlor - Another book of Hallgerd series, telling about the story of a lesser daedra and a great archer hero
Withershins - A ridiculous book about madness

Guilds & Societies

Brown Book of 3E 426 - This book details the business, Councilors, and activities of Great House Telvanni in 3E 426
For My Gods and Emperor - An essential book that need to be read before joining the Imperial Cult
Grasping Fortune - The "guild book" for the Hlaalu, detailing their goals, duties, and expectations for recruits
Great Houses of Morrowind - Just like it says: a book about Great House Culture on Morrowind, specifically Vvardenfell
Honor Among Thieves - An essential book that need to be read before joining Thieves Guild
Imperial Charter of the Guild of Fighters - The charter document for the Fighters Guild, which details its rules and regulations
Ordo Legionis - Eh? Latin? "Order of the Legion" serves as an introduction to the Imperial Legions for prospective members
Origin Of The Mages Guild - How Vanus Galerion made Magic available to everyone, and outlines the structure of the guild
The Affairs of Wizards - The "faction book" for the Telvanni, this book should be read before joining Great House Telvanni
The Black Glove - The "faction book" for the Morag Tong, describing their purpose, operations, and requirements
The Old Ways - The definitive guide to the Psijic Order and their leader, Celarus
The Red Book of 3E 426 - This book details the business, Councilors, and activities of Great House Redoran in 3E 426
Yellow Book of 3E 426 - This book details the business, important events, and Councilors of Great House Hlaalu in 426

Histories & Biographies

2920, Last Year of the First Era - A fascinating drama taking place at the very end of the First Era.
A Short History of Morrowind - A history book about Morrowind, mostly containing information about the settlements of the Vvardenfell district
Antecedants of Dwemer Law - A brief overview of the relationship between Dwemer and Altmeri law
Biography of Barenziah - The "official" biography of Queen Barenziah, produced for widespread Imperial distribution
Biography of the Wolf Queen - The tragic and violent life of Queen Potema
Brief History of the Empire - A summary of 3rd era history, as told through the lives of its rulers
Changed Ones - Information about the origins of the Chimer
Cherim’s Heart - Interview with a Khajiiti tapestist about his work
Chronicles of Nchuleft - Recounts the events of an ancient Dwemeri meeting and assassination plot
Five Songs of King Wulfharth - Summaries of the Songs of King Wulfharth, which tell of his rise to, and fall from, power Also includes the hidden songs about his involvement at Red Mountain
Fragment: On Artaeum - The Isle of Artaeum is the home of the Psijic Order
Frontier, Conquest, and Accommodation - An essay about the early Nordic settlement of Tamriel
Kagrenac’s Tools - On the Dwemer, the Heart, the Tools for the Heart (Wraithguard, Keening, and Sunder), and the Battle at Red Mountain Summarized by the Dissident Priests
Lady Benoch’s Words and Philosophy - An interview with the Wood Elf Imperial Guard Lady Benoch about her life
Mixed Unit Tactics - This is a book about the Khajiiti strategies during the Five Years War
Nchunak’s Fire and Faith - Tells of Nchunak's journey's amongst the Dwemer and his attempts to understand the teachings of Kagrenac
Nerevar at Red Mountain - A top secret document about the events at Red Mountain from the Ashlander point of view
Nerevar Moon and Star - Imperial note about Ashlander legends
On Morrowind, the Imperial Province - This is a brief history of the Imperial conquest of Morrowind
On Wild Elves - A treatise on the remainders of the Ayleid civilization
Saint Nerevar - A short Temple pamphlet about Nerevar for Western readers
Tal Marog Ker’s Researches - A summary of the events of Battlespire
The Arcturian Heresy - An account of Tiber Septim's rise to power that contradicts the accepted Imperial narrative
The Firsthold Revolt - The continuing story of Morgiah, scheming princess of Wayrest, who you do a quest for in Daggerfall After making her deal with the King of Worms, Morgiah moved to Summerset Isle The rest is contained in this book
The Madness of Pelagius - A story about Emperor Pelagius III Septim Read in conjunction with other historical accounts
The Real Barenziah - A scandalous biography of the queen-mother of Morrowind
The Real Nerevar - Another book about Nerevar, this time the Telvanni version
The Wolf Queen - The dramatized biography of Potema, Wolf Queen of Solitude
Thirsk, a History - A history book of Thirsk, the mead hall
Thirsk, a History – Revised - A history book of Thirsk, the mead hall -- now with the player's actions
War of the First Council - An Imperial overview of the war Very biased and sometimes innacurate

Manuals & Instructions

Directions to Caius Cosades - Information on reaching the spymaster, for a prisoner straight off the ship
Dispel Potion Formula - Short and sweet- directions for making a dispel potion
From Seyda Neen to Balmora by Road - Directions to Balmora from Seyda Neen
Hanin’s Wake - Something like a poison recipe
Locations of the Stones - A map of the magical stones (wind, water, earth, tree, beast and sun) of Skaal
On the Preparation of the Corpse - Necromancer's manual
Redoran Cooking Secrets [TES3] - Just like it says- a Redoran cookbook
Secrets of Dwemer Animunculi - This book teaches the reader how to create Sphere Centurions
Special Flora of Tamriel [TES3] - Hints for alchemists making potions
The Alchemist’s Formulary - A set of recipes which would be useful to either the Healer, the Traveler, or the Adventurer Approximately eleven recipes
The Art of War Magic - A collection of phrases and thoughts, intended to help the reader become a better tactician and user of War Magic
The Buying Game - A guide to bartering
The Plan to Defeat Dagoth Ur - Another top secret document, prepared exclusively for Nerevarine by Lord Vivec

People & Places

Children of the Sky - A book about Nords and their Thu'um
Guide to Ald’ruhn - A pamphlet guide to city of Ald'ruhn
Guide to Balmora - A pamphlet guide to city of Balmora
Guide to Sadrith Mora - A pamphlet guide to city of Sadrith Mora
Guide to Vivec - A pamphlet guide to city of Vivec
Guide to Vvardenfell - A pamphlet guide to Vvardenfell
Hanging Gardens of Wasten Coridale - Excerpts of a Dwemer book translated into Aldmeri
Mysterious Akavir - This book describes the inhabitants of the continent called Akavir
Provinces of Tamriel - A description of the nine provinces of Tamriel Includes a map
The True Nature of Orcs - A short book about Malacath and the Orcs

Politics & Propaganda

Progress Of Truth - A book that questioning the doctrine of the Tribunal temple and even the Tribunal godhood
The Common Tongue - This letter is highly illegal in Mournhold We risk our neck here to publish it
The Eastern Provinces Impartially Considered - A case against Imperial presence in the eastern provinces, Morrowind and Black Marsh
The Pig Children - A vigorous anti-Orcish pamphlete

Religion & Legends

36 Lessons of Vivec - A fictionalized history of Vivec and Nerevar, and a secret manual to achieving godhood
Aedra and Daedra - A brief overview of the differences between the two
Aevar Stone-Singer - A Skaal legend of a boy who returns the gifts of the All-Maker from the Greedy Man
An Overview of Gods and Worship - Introduction to the relationship between worship and divinity
Ancestors and the Dunmer - Dunmer funerary rights and ancestor worship
Annotated Anuad (A Children’s Anuad) - A version of the creation myth, featuring two brother's love for the same woman
Arkay The Enemy - Treatise from the King of Worms on the relationship between necromancers and Arkay, the god of life and death
Blasphemous Revenants - Dunmer's point of view about summoning the dead
Fellowship of the Temple - An essential book that need to be read before joining the Tribunal Temple
Invocation of Azura - How and why a cultist chose to worship Azura
Lives of the Saints - Some brief description about the Tribunal saints
Saryoni’s Manuscript - The original document that Saryoni's Sermons was based on
Saryoni’s Sermons - A Tribunal Temple book of prayers and sermons
Sovngarde: A Reexamination - Some speculation about how to reach the Sovngarde, Nord's afterlife
Spirit of Nirn - Brief examination on the role of Lorkhan in various pantheons
The Anticipations [Morrowind] - About the Anticipations of the Tribunal: the Daedra Princes Boethia, Azura, and Mephala
The Book of Daedra - Lists the Daedric princes and their spheres of influence
The Book of Dawn and Dusk - A collection of sayings attributed to Tribunal Temple saints
The Consolations of Prayer - Discussing about the blessing a person received after doing a prayer in a particular shrine
The Doors of the Spirit - Dunmeri religious text on how to worship and care for your ancestors
The Homilies of Blessed Almalexia - Some stories by Almalexia
The House of Troubles - A book about the Daedra who decided not to submit to the Tribunal
The Lunar Lorkhan - An explanation of how Tamriel's moons are the decaying body of Lorkhan
The Monomyth - A theology book that contains some of the most common creation myths
The Pilgrim’s Path - A book describing each of the shrines that need to be visited, before the person accepted as a member of the Temple
Varieties of Faith in the Empire - The compiled listing of Gods of the Empire formerly known as "The Pantheon" Contains lots of interesting information
Vivec and Mephala - Describes the relationship between Vivec and his anticipation Mephala
Where were you when the Dragon Broke? - Comments from various knowledgeable people about the Dragon Break


Dagoth Ur’s Plans - A top secret document, prepared exclusively for Nerevarine by Lord Vivec
Darkest Darkness - Daedra summoning and the Dunmer religion
Guylaine’s Architecture of the Second Empire - Excerpt about Dwemer architecture
Hasphat’s Notes for Cosades - [The following are notes prepared by Hasphat Antabolis for Caius Cosades.] Sixth House House Dagoth is an extinct Great House. In the wake of the ancient Battle of Red Mountain, its leadership was revealed to have plotted treason, and was discredited. Many of House Dagoth died defending the House; those survivors who were faithful to […]
Journeyman Report from Ajira - A funny alchemical report made by Ajira
Kagouti Mating Habits - Notes from the field on the topic
Legions of the Dead - A scholarly work about the Undead Significantly less sketchy than most other books on this topic
N’Gasta! Kvata! Kvakis! - The ramblings of the vile Sload Necromancer
Nerevarine Cult Notes - Notes from Sharn gra-Muzgob to Caius Cosades regarding the Ashlander Cult of the Nerevarine
Notes from Huleeya - The following are Huleeya's notes for Caius Cosades
Notes on Racial Phylogeny and Biology - Reasearch on the ability of different Tamrielic groups to have kids with each other
On Oblivion - An introductory guide to Oblivion Lists all Great Daedra Contains a minor gameplay hint
Response to Bero’s Speech - The author responds to various claims about magicka theory made by illusionist Berevar Bero
The Dragon Break Reexamined - Reexamines the Dragonbreak in historical terms
The Firmament - A document about all the constellations
The Waters of Oblivion - A mystical text about Oblivion with a funny postscript
Vampires of Vvardenfell - General information about the vampires found in Vvardenfell

Songs & Poems

A Less Rude Song - And you thought Dark Elves were prudes
Ashlands Hymns - An Ashlander love song
Lord Jornibret’s Last Dance - A narrative ballad of a overly handsy lord and the end that befalls him
No-h’s Picture Book of Wood - Strange book, found in an abandoned shack, somewhere in Bitter Coast Region
Parchments with Scrawlings - The ravings of the deranged Sixth House Cult
Scrolls of Daerir’s Miracle - A unique magical scroll which cures blight
The Balladeer’s Fakebook - A selection of popular drinking songs, too bad their lyrics aren't provided
The Battle of Molag Beran - A traditional ballad about the War of the First Council
The Cantatas of Vivec - From the introduction: "The Cantatas of Vivec are gospels written in the form of epic songs They trace the evolution of Vivec from a foolish mortal into an enlightened divine"
The Five Far Stars - An ashlander song
The Legendary Scourge - Poem about the mace of Malacath
The Lost Prophecy - One of the Nerevarine Prophecies, annotated by the Dissident Priests
The Seven Curses - Prophesies of the Nerevarine
The Seven Visions - Prophesies of the Nerevarine
The Song of Grandfather Frost - Jolly song about making candy
The Song of Uncle Sweetshare - Jolly song about Uncle Sweetshare and his candy
The Stranger - A prophecy about the Nerevarine
The Third Door - A humerous song about the love and scorn of Ellabeth, Queen of the Axe.
The Warrior’s Charge - A Redguard poem about the constellations
Words of the Wind - An Ashlander poem from the Ahemmusa tribe

Jokes & Riddles

I’m My Own Grandpa - From the official Entertainer plugin Jokes by Gaeldol This suppose to be funnyoh well
The Blue Book of Riddles - A book of riddles which doesn't actually contain any
The Red Book of Riddles - Clever riddles for the discerning gentleman


A Hypothetical Treachery - An amusing play about a bunch of backstabbing adventurers
Horror of Castle Xyr - A one act play about a Telvanni Wizard’s experiments
The Lusty Argonian Maid - A hilariously raunchy tale of an Argonian maid and her Imperial master


A Dark Brotherhood Contract - Document authorizing the execution of the player by the Dark Brotherhood
Capn’s Guide to the Fishy Stick - The easter egg book
Divine Metaphysics - A Dwemeri text
Dwemer Schematics - Schematics for robots, airships, and more
Gnisis Eggmine Pass - A pass to enter Gnisis Eggmine
Honorable Writs of Execution - Official permission to execute a whole lot of people on behalf of the Morag Tong
Hospitality Papers - A paper, produced by the owner of Sadrith Mora's Gateway Inn that states a certain person is allowed to roam freely in Sadrith Mora
Map of Red Mountain - The map the Bouyant Armigers use when venturing inside the Ghostfence
Royal Writs of Execution - Official permission to execute a whole lot of people on behalf of King Hlaalu Helseth
Scroll of the Wolf Ender - A unique magical scroll to end the curse of lycanthropy
Treasury Report - An encoded report


A Leaflet - Propaganda against the alchemist Aurane Frernis
Custom Armor Price List - An advertising from the armorer of Mournhold, Godsreach
Custom Fur Armor Price List - An advertisement from the armorer of Thirsk

Announcements & Warnings

A Fair Warning - Fair warning to those who would enter the Greater Cavern of Dubdilla- don't!
Cure Blight Potion Notice - A note from a merschant in Sadrith Mora
Dwemer Museum Welcome - We don't know who snatched this welcome paper from Tel Vos Museum, but since it is already here, we put this up
Imperial Museum Welcome - We don't know who snatched this welcome paper from Tel Vos Museum, but since it is already here, we put this up
Public Notice - A paper posted on Claudius Arcadia's house
Tradehouse Notice - A license, given to Arrille to open a tradehouse in Seyda Neen


A Dying Man’s Last Words - Senilius' Report - Senilius Cadiusus
Airship Captain’s Journal - A journal of ill-fated airship It crashed in the northern region of Solstheim
Beram Journal - The journal of the construction foreman digging a dungeon underneath Tel Vos
Diary of a Lost Sailor - A diary of land-locked sailor, found in Old Mournhold
Elante’s Notes - Elante seems to be a Necromancer searching for great power in Mordrin Hanin's tomb, as detailed in this journal
From A Copy For The Archive - A discreet note between Thieves Guild members
Itermerel’s Notes - Itermerel discusses Magicka streams from Oblivion and the harnessing thereof
Journal of Fryssa - A journal of ill-fated magic user, she created a robe that supposed to make her turned into the very essence of snow, but without her knowledge the robe also drain her life force
Journal of Tarhiel - Tarhiel is the Bosmer who came to a grisly end while experimenting with his long-distance jumping scrolls
Kagrenac’s Journal - An unreadable text containing Kagrenac's daily thoughts
Kagrenac’s Planbook - An unreadable text containing Kagrenac's plans
Letter from Gadayn - A love letter
Peke Utchoo’s Last Words - A letter found in the Mudan Grotto A last words of trapped and dying adventurer deep inside the grotto
Private Papers of Galur Rithari, Buoyant Armiger - The story of a Bouyant Armiger turned vampire and then cured
Rels Tenim Journal Page - A page of Rels Tenim journal, talking about a dread dealing with something powerful and evil
Rogue Necromancer’s Journal - A necromancer note about Mantle of Woe and his research in Solstheim
Settler’s Journal - A journal of an ill-fated settlers in Legge cave, Solstheim

Letters & Notes

A Scrawled Note - Concerns Azura's Star
A Scroll Written in Blood - Yet another "last words" note This note does contain a cute inside joke from Redguard, though
A Worn and Weathered Note - Beautiful and poetic prose A tragedy for certain; anything more is hard to decipher
Bloody Note [From Antoinette] - A note about bandit's cut, and a warning about bristleback meat
Bloody Note [From Jacques] - Bandit communication about past and future heists
Charwich-Koniinge Letters - A tale of power, betrayal, and excavation in a quest for Azura's Star
Colony Status Report - Report of the development of new colony in Raven Rock
Dren’s Note - A note of appreciation to Ranes and Navil, and a plot to kill Duke Vedam Dren
Elbert Nermarc’s Private Note - Nothing can be read from this notes This is owned by Elbert Nemarc, The Enchanter of Mournhold, Godsreach
Erna’s Note to Brandr - A 'love' letter?
Handwritten Letter - A letter for Forven Berano, a conspiracy letter to bring down Helseth
Handwritten Note - A note of guard duty rosters in Mournhold, Royal Palace
Letter from Ocato - After so many trials and quests, the Imperial Battlemage Ocato will give this promotion letter to the new Vvardenfell Archmage
Letter from Rigmor to Risi - This is a letter that suggests that Rigmor Halfhand and Risi Ice-Mane had an affair Initially Rigmor accused Risi’s husband of theft, in fact he wanted her husband to “dissapear”
Letter to Senilias Cadiusus - A letter for a job to collect a certain item from Arkngthand for Hasphat Antabolis
Message from Dagoth Ur - Dagoth Ur's gesture of friendship to the Nerevarine
Message from Divayth Fyr - An encoded message from Divayth Fyr in respose to Master Aryon's message
Message from Master Aryon - An encoded message from telvanni Mage-lord Aryon
Mission to Vivec — from Caius - A detail mission letter for the future Nerevarine when he had to collect information about Sixth House Cult and Nerevarine Cult in Vivec
Neminda’s Orders - Encoded orders, given to you as part of a quest for House Hlaalu
Note from a Glenmoril Witch - A note from a western witch, talks about ending the curse of lycanthropy
Note from Bakarak - Letters are exchanged to kill a certain Necromancer
Note from Bashuk - Letters are exchanged to kill a certain Necromancer
Note from Bugrol - Letters are exchanged to kill a certain Necromancer
Note from Oritius Maro - A secret note of Talos Cult about a plan to assassinate Uriel Septim VII
Note from the Archcanon - A secret invitation to the Nerevarine from the Archcanon This is the initiation of the Nerevarine's meeting with Vivec
Note to Ahnia - A letter found on Ahnia, talking about the Elbert Nemarc's Notes
Note to Amaya - An important letter in a certain part of the main Morrowind quest
Note to Hlevala - A note from Orvas Dren to one of his Foreman
Note to Mages - A note to not use fire in certain area
NoteToCalderaGuard - The title is like that, don't blame the Librarian It is a note to the guard to keep an eye to a certain Argonian
Odd Rumor - A strange note about witches sighing in Solstheim
Old, Wet Note - A plan to steal Snow Prince's armor from Jolgierr Barrow
Order From Mollismo - An order to a certain armorer from Lady Therana
Orders for Bivale Teneran - An encrypted scroll, containing secret orders for a member of House Hlaalu
Package for Caius Casodes - Encoded message from the Emperor to the Spymaster, describing the Nerevarine's mission
Scroll of Tyronius - Another "last words" note from a grave robber named Tyronius
Senilius’ Report - Nchuleftingth excavation report, and notes on Dwemeri power sources
Shishi Report - A report from Redoran troops while attacking a Telvanni base
Sottilde’s Code Book - An encrypted book, owned by Sottilde of Balmora Thieves Guild
Suicide Note - Found deep inside the Old Mournhold, a farewell letter
Tattered Note [Solstheim] - An order to kill everyone in the Skaal village when the player's not looking
Thauraver’s Orders - An order note for Thauraver to find some escaped slaves
Tiram Gadar’s Credentials - Is this supposed to be a letter from Occato, Imperial Battle Mage for Tiram Gadar's position in Vivec Mages Guild Is this authentic?
Treasury Orders - An order letter for Tenisi to do a certain task
Weapons and Armor Contract - A transaction paper of weapons and armor

Lists & Records

Construction Contract - An essential document for the right to build a stronghold
Deed to Indrele’s House - A land deed of Indrele's house, obviously Somehow this brings a little trouble to Hlaalu Councilor Velanda Omani
EEC Stock Certificate - Stock certificate of Raven Rock division of the East Empire Company
Famed Artifacts of Tamriel - A list of artifacts, found in the Mournhold Museum of Artifacts
Ghost-Free Papers - Declares that Sadrith Mora's Gateway Inn is free from ghost
Interviews With Tapestrists - An interesting interview with a famous Khajiit Tapestrist, focusing on a tapestry immortalizing a battle between Valenwood and Elsweyr during the Five Year War
Odral’s Land Deed - A transaction letter
Rethan Manor Land Deed - A letter that states the player is the owner of Rethan Manor, or a land northeast coast of the River Odai south of Balmora
Tamrielic Lore - The Last Living Dwarf lists all the artifacts that he knows
Tax Record - A record from an ill-fated Seyda Neen Imperial Tax officer
Widow Vabdas’ Land Deed - By the Grace of ALMSIVI, Lords and Rulers of All By the Grace of Hlaren Ramoran, Councilor of House Redoran, Lord of Gnisis Attested by his trusted servant, Hetman Abelmawia Eribael This document grants all rights of tenancy, residence, bounty, and vocation in the lands adjoining the Vabdas Clan Hearth, including the lands along the […]
Yngling’s Ledger - [This is a ledger showing how Yngling Half-Troll misdirected funds he was supposed to spend on restoring the Temple in the Redoran Compound in Vivec.]
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