ESO: Zumog Phoom Twitter Roleplay (2019)

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Zumog Phoom, chief necromancer in Euraxia Tharn’s army, took over the Elder Scrolls Online Twitter account on May 1st 2019 to promote the upcoming release on Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr. This page records his tweets and his answers to other people’s.

I am Queen Euraxia’s chief necromancer. You may call me Zumog Phoom. The other gravecallers answer to me.

Queen Euraxia desires more necromancers for her army. Join me, and learn how to wield death as a weapon.

You are uncertain if becoming a gravecaller is the right path for you? If you have questions about this life you may ask them of me now. I will answer all of your queries.

Nekari @BladedMischief: Queen Euraxia. Pft. She’s no queen. I look forwards to meeting her with the business end of my sword.

She is the rightful queen of Rimmen. Anyone foolish enough to threaten her will have my army of undead to deal with.

Nekari @BladedMischief: You underestimate the power of an Empress of Cyrodiil. I have slain many undead and will slay many more that come my way. You have a powerful enemy, my dear Orc.

Your overconfidence will be your downfall. I look forward to meeting you in Rimmen.

LMar @GuarMarf: Are you in contact  with Mannimarco? Last I  saw him he was resting on a large bench

Also,  won’t Vanus be rather angry with you and stop you?

Queen Euraxia’s army grows every day. Vanus would be a fool to think he can stop us.

LMar @GuarMarf: He’s  had some rather  interesting adventures, stopping  daedra and all. Wouldn’t a simple  army be rather easy for him?

He’s welcome to try it. But know this, he will fail.

Elaric Traven @ElaricReal: I dare you to go and fight him one on one then. Though you will not, since you know that you will just get totally destroyed! SAD. #MagesGuildForLife

I have many pressing matters that require my attention in Rimmen. I cannot go galavanting across Tamriel in search of a duel I would undoubtedly win.

The Tamriel Traveller @TamrielTraverse: Oi, tell Usurper Queen Euraxia I’m coming for her. Love, Christophe Motierre, Hero of Coldharbour.

I look forward to adding your corpse to her army.

Ravnie @Ravenited: stop bullying imperials 🙁

Our own Queen Euraxia is an Imperial. We do not care who your ancestors were, only where you allegiance lays.

Ravnie @Ravenited: not necromancy for damn sure. it already nearly destroyed tamriel some years ago. see: emperor aquilarios and the betrayal done by his own necromantic adviser. 

another imperial ruler with a necromantic adviser spells DOOM

Only the foolish fear the dark arts. I will make sure you live long enough to regret those words.

Max Snow @MaximusSnowfall: So wait. Do you have skeleton ranchers who herd the people for you, or do you partake in that portion of the farming process yourself? And at what point do the corpses start eating each other? Cause I can’t imagine bitten ones pass the QA inspectors.

Do you think this is a game? Do not jape about the cadaver forges. Otherwise, I might be tempted to lead you there myself.

Max Snow @MaximusSnowfall: I would never! I run a very successful farm myself. My zombies provide the best undead elf milk you’ll ever experience. But their zombieness is less potent if they bite each other. My skeleton ranchers keep falling apart though, how do you manage to work around that?

Gustaf Horn @FmarskHorn: Turning prisoners into corpses? That’s easy. Just kill them. But where can I get myself one of those cadaver forges?

If you journey to Rimmen, I would be happy to teach you more about the dark arts. Queen Euraxia’s army will always welcome eager students of necromancy.

LMar @GuarMarf: Do you use deadric spirits to animate your dead or  bind mortal souls into them? Or summon undead from the Soul Cairn. Also do you associate yourself with  Molag Bal? So many things to learn , so little time!

The dark arts are as versatile as they are powerful. Many use their power to not only cast spells but to bind souls into service and use Daedric spirits to reanimate corpses.

LMar @GuarMarf: when  you say bind souls  into service what do you mean exactly? Like mortal  souls haunting others? Or using them to animate things? Or to power enchantments?

Yes, necromancers can trap souls and use them in their dark arts for various spells and purposes. You seem like an eager student. Queen Euraxia would be lucky to have one such as yourself in her army. I bid you to visit us in Rimmen if you’re interested in learning more.

Art @MaruhkWasRight: Can I have dual citizenship with the Order of the Black Worm. They have amazing dental

We do not tolerate split loyalties. You are either devoted to Queen Euraxia or you are her enemy.

Benjamin @frazzled_fox: Does this fake Queen approve of you spilling her secrets

She is the true Queen of Rimmen and you will give her the respect she deserves.

Noxavian @Boxavain: A skeletal dragon would of been cooler.

Who are you to try and command dragons?

Noxavian @Boxavain: I think a ticked off necromancer can do great things!

They can, this is true. But it still takes dedication and practice to master the dark arts.

Wicked Wolf @WickedWolf17: Is it true that Orsimer are simply the spawn of Altmer and wild pigs? Do you also command an army of undead swine with pointy ears?

You will regret those words.

Dray Radczenko @DrayRadczenko: Who is Queen Euraxia

She is the true Queen of Rimmen and whom I serve.

Dray Radczenko @DrayRadczenko: How do I become a patron of Queen Euraxia

Come to Rimmen. There you can join her army.

Sound @soundillustrats: I hear necromancers arn’t as hot as pyromancers.

All other schools of magic pale in comparison to the dark arts.

M’aiq @MaiqTehLiar: This one can’t help but wonder if you turned to the dark arts because you were bullied over your name…

You better watch your tongue, cat. Lest you find yourself becoming fodder for Queen Euraxia’s army.

ƃǝɹפ @GregAalberts: As long as I don’t have to be one of those Imperials… then all is good!

Queen Euraxia welcomes all races into her army.

ƃǝɹפ @GregAalberts: Will she ask the gods to sell the Erstwhile Sanctuary House soon?

Queen Euraxia has a palace in Rimmen. She has no need for any other accommodations.

ƃǝɹפ @GregAalberts: That makes me both happy and very sad.  Dang you, Your Grace!

Watch your tongue, insolent worm.

Basil @Basilisk_Art: Wait a minute, you said necromancers can’t control skeletal dragons, yet in the image in the OP you are controlling a skeletal dragon. Care to explain?

My skill far outweighs that of a typical necromancer. If you join Queen Euraxia’s army, perhaps you too will achieve such power.

Evie @nitewalker314: What are the benefits (social and/or otherwise) of being a necromancer allied with, or under, Euraxia?

Unlike most of Tamriel, Queen Euraxia allows us to practice our arts without the fear of persecution. Our power flourishes under her rule!

Evie @nitewalker314: The Magister Elaric Traven of the Mages Guild raises an army of magi against Euraxia calling themselves the ‘Spellbreakers’. How will you handle such uprisings? Those from Guild members especially?

Anyone who dares to stand against the might of Queen Euraxia’s army will face our wrath. Me and my gravecallers are nothing to be trifled with.

David @TexasBowhunter1: Where  can i learn more about the class with its abilities?

Necromancers practice three different specialties. Reaper spells as they are called are meant for dealing damage to enemy forces. Bone Tyrant spells are more defensive in nature. The power of Living Death can heal yourself and allies.

If you want to learn more about necromancy, come join us in Queen Euraxia’s army. I have much I can teach you.

David @TexasBowhunter1: Where do i sign up

Join us in Rimmen! Together, we shall serve the rightful queen.

butguesswhat @butguesswhat: I’m signing up but I can’t get there until June 4th. It’s a long ride to Elsweyr.

David @TexasBowhunter1: Same here long journey left this morning

We will welcome you with open arms when you arrive!

Demonio del Guadalquivir @KakistoI: My Charged Storm Atronach is stronger than your Flesh Colossus

Would you like to test that on the battlefield? I have nothing to fear from someone like you.

iamdogman @iamdogman2: How do you feel about defying your Orcish ancestors and becoming nothing more than a lackey for an Imperial who would rather see you slave away your life than serve her, as soon as you lost your usefulness?

You are a fool if you think I am nothing more than a lackey. Under Queen Euraxia, I have been able to cultivate my powers unlike never before.

iamdogman @iamdogman2: But that is all that you are. Why would an Imperial keep you around for more than just doing her bidding? You’re nothing more than a slave, not much better than the souls you wield.

Queen Euraxia and I have a mutually beneficial relationship. She allows me to practice, and perfect, my dark arts. I give her an army she can wield at her command.

PePeRoni @nightslade: What are the benefits of becoming a necromancers?

Becoming a necromancer opens the door to untold power. Hear the whispers of the dead, reanimate bodies to do your bidding, and destroy your enemies with the new abilities available to you.

Udara Tennekoon @TMUMT: So you’re saying, Necromancy is a pathway to many abilities some consider … unnatural?

There is nothing unnatural about taking power and using it for your own.

/Zone: corncob @QuintusVerres: Zumong I would die for you

maria (#1 luciana pullo fan) @skymagpie: Are you sure thats a good idea?? Actually now that I think about it it might be a great idea

Many people have died for me before. They simply become part of our army after.

Benjamin @frazzled_fox: Died FOR you or died BECAUSE of you?

The distinction is a minor one.

Basil‏ @Basilisk_Art: Will one of the necromancer ulti’s be a skeletal dragon like it was planned to?

Necromancers cannot command dragons, but there are many other tools in our arsenal.

maria (#1 luciana pullo fan) @skymagpie: What of necromancers who don’t wish to follow you or serve your Usurper “Queen”, Euraxia?

You dare to call her a usurper? You would be a fool not to join her and even greater of a fool to oppose her outright.

Matthew Brádaigh‏ @twobitmatt: But would you not achieve even greater power if YOU were to usurp her?

Malacath would not see you remain forever a servant, after all…

I have no desire to be the ruler of Rimmen. I only wish to perfect my arts and lead others down the same path.

Gwendolyn Meissner @TeaRylaks: Hi! Big fan of your work, Zumog(can I call you Zumy?).  My family claims that all necromancycy is evil and causes the horrific torture of souls. What can I tell them to make them realize my dream of necromancy isn’t that bad?

Tell them they are fools. Only the weak fear the power of the dark arts.

poke me @LookoutLukeT: You seem grumpy. What do you do for fun?

I do not understand the question. Using my dark arts brings me all the satisfaction I need.

MeM Rachal @memrachal: What’s your location??  My Mighty LiL’ “Soul-less” Wood Elf wants to come visit and take your head and your Queen’s head as trophies…

Try it and see how quickly you become a corpse in her army.

Magainita @Magainita: What kinda name is Phoom?

Silence, fool. I will not be talked down to by someone named Magainita.

Gustaf Horn @FmarskHorn: Would it be prudent to specialize in stamina or magicka or maybe an un-healthy mix of both if I should desire to become a un-stopable behemoth (tank)?

The beauty of the dark arts is how versatile necromancy is. You have the freedom to cast your spells in any way that pleases you.

Justin Guerrero @Danger_Wasp: Greetings Lord Phoom, My name is Psylia and I have questions about life as a necromancer. Is it wise to live a double life while practicing the necromatic arts? What would you recommend for a frail altmer such as myself?

Fools who do not understand necromancy will no doubt seek to persecute you. Many of those who practice the dark arts do so in secret. That is until Queen Euraxia called for them to join her army.

Justin Guerrero @Danger_Wasp: Tempting. What are the benefits of serving alongside this Queen Euraxia?

She let’s us practice our dark arts without fear of persecution. This allows us to cultivate our skills, growing even more powerful.

The Great Mage @Vanus_txt: Necromancers are morally abhorrent, do not expect your power over Elsweyr to be permanent. Though one obviously can not expect much from an /ex/ student of Mannimarco.

-Vanus Galerion

Spoken like a coward and a fool. The Mages Guild is standing in the way of progress.

The Great Mage @Vanus_txt: We are not an object you can so easily remove necromancer. You best remember that before you find yourself joining your charges in death.

-Vanus Galerion

Is that a threat? You would not dare to be so bold if you were standing face to face with me and my gravecallers.

Zectra27 @zectra27: I only have one question. Will there be cakes?

All recruits receive standard rations.

Rob Rodz @paladinrobert: Definitely joining the necromancer army but, question:  Does it have an excellent medical plan or will I be using my necromancer skills to heal myself and those around me?

If you have the power to heal why would you not choose to use it? Even if you do not specialize in that part of necromancy, we have many in our army who could heal you should it come to that.

Lady Pensioner @dixhelen: Are you single?

I have no time for passing dalliances. All of my time is devoted to serving Queen Euraxia.

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