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The Elder Scrolls Treasury


The Elder Scrolls Treasury is a off-line reference work to the Elder Scrolls series created by Zeph. It contains an exhaustive collection of texts, people, places, regions and phrases. 

Second edition

This impressive bit of work is currently moving onto its second edition and has been greatly expanded. It now combines information from practically every available source of lore published by Bethesda.

The New Encyclopedia Tamrielica - A reference work where you can alphabetically look up the places, people(s) regions, phrases, event, ect.

Common Names in Tamriel (1st ed.)  - Comphrehensive list of all names used in and outside Tamriel.

Corpus Tamrielicum - The Official Books, Scrolls, Journals, Letters, and Notes of The Elder Scrolls Games.


First edition

The first edition of the treasure. Contains


Librarians Note: To read the treasury, you need Adobe Acrobat Reader or another PDF viewer. It is preferable to download the files before viewing. To download, right-click the link, select "Save Target As...", and put it somewhere in your hard disk.