Yam Chips

Released In:

Skin and slice a half dozen yams as thin as you can.
Cut some hound meat into strips.
Cut some hackle-lo into strips.
Scramble one kwama egg and dip the yam slices and hackle-lo into the egg.
Heat a cooking pan or pot very, very hot.
Lay the slices of yams on the pot until they stop sizzling and curl up.
Then lay the hound meat and hackle-lo slices on the pot until the meat is cooked on the outside and the hackle-lo is soft and clear.
Wait, you have to take the yams out once they curl up. Put them aside for awhile.
When the meat and hackle-lo is done, put the yam slices back in and stir them up.
Then put in a few handfuls of kwama cuttle and wait for it to melt.
Take the pot off the fire and you’ve got yam chips.
Some people like to season the chips a little with some dried and ground roobrush, bittergreen, scathecraw, or all three.

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