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Yagrum Bagarn


He is the Last Living Dwarf, and is inflicted with Corprus disease. His bloated body due to the Corprus disease, made him to move in a four-legged cart.

The Disappearance of the Dwemer is one of the greatest mysteries of Tamriel. Yagrum says that he was in the Outer Realm at the time, and when he came back, his people were gone. Bagarn once said, "Lord Kagrenac, the foremost arcane philosopher and magecrafter of my era, devised tools to shape mythopoeic forces, intending to transcend the limits of Dwemer mortality. However, in reviewing his formulae, some logicians argued that side effects were unpredictable, and errors might be catastrophic. I think Kagrenac might have succeeded in granting our race eternal life, with unforeseen consequences -- such as wholesale displacement to an Outer Realm. Or he may have erred, and utterly destroyed our race."