Work order for Roumane Bargeron, Tailor

Author: Enzo Chatillon
Released In:

I’m to receive a commendation from the Duchess for finding a safe alchemical solution to the recent snag-weevil infestation that plagued our farmers, and I must look perfect for the ceremony. First off: no skirt! I want pants; they’ll give me more “works in the field” appeal. But the cloth must be fine, to show my status, and I want a foresty green–I’ve included some leaf samples to give you the right idea.

I’m going for “practical, but worthy of respect.” Maybe weave some silver-threaded highlights into the hood (it definitely needs a hood)? I’m having leathers embossed with various plants of importance to be worked into the chestpiece. Do you think having gold-embroidered lady’s mantle leaves added to the sleeves would be too garish? I’ll be stopping by frequently to view your progress and offer direction; we can talk then.

Enzo Chatillon
Award-winning Alchemist

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