Why were the Dwemer Considered a Great House?

Author: Divayth Fyr
Released In:

This text was posted on the official forums sometime in the first half of 2006.

It is said that the Dwemer were indeed a Great House, although, not recognised as a House at all. Perhaps the Tribunal had a strong opinion that disregarded them? They were thought to have been rebels and Unbelievers. Their motives were quite unthought of by fellow pointed ears, and even feared. The Dwemer, however careless their ideals were, simply saught “understanding”, much as myself and many other fellow researchers. Had I been a walking soul in the time of the Dwemer, I myself may have found and adopted their Way and become one of their own. Alas, I am in the present and they are of the past. In many regards, I live my days much as the Dwemer did in their time.

I am but one Dunmer. Imagine if you will, thousands of Dunmer with my intentions of research and intention. Should We be feared? Perhaps not with the passing of time. In the days of long ago, the Dwemer were made out to be an enemy for their beliefs.

With the Dwemer gone and the Tribunal no longer acting overseer, speculation is the only tool at our disposal.

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