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Weir Gate

Sinder Velvin

Here's a list of important parts that you can jump right to:

<Scamp 1> <Scamp 2> <Scamp 3> <Scamp 4> <Vermai 1> <Vermai 2> <Clarentavious Valisious> <Rathine> <Methats> <Scamp 5> <Scamp 6> <Clarentavious Valisious, Again>

After I generated my character, I found myself near the Weir Gate. I looked around and saw three Scamps standing near a corpse. I spoke with all three of them.

Scamp 1: What? Manflesh? It talks? What WANTS it?

Sinder Velvin: Tell me how to get out of this place, and I swear by all the gods that you shall go unharmed.

Scamp 1: REALLY? Okay-sure. One way back to manworld, BIG boss sigil, touch, go BOOM! One way out, go with bosses. Ha-ha! Real safe. One way, ride busted magic boat, say bosses. Ha-ha. Real safe. Now, you promised! No hurt! Gods ROT you if you sneaky-sneak-sneak.

Sinder Velvin: An oath is an oath, and sacred before the gods.

I left the Scamp alone and spoke with the next one.

Scamp 2: Eyuh? You what? How here? You Trenelle-thing? Rishaal WANT Trenelle-thing!

Sinder Velvin: Fool! Touch me and die! But JOIN my Glorious War Band, smite my enemies, and and feast forever in the Halls of the Mighty. In fact, join me, and as a token of my favor, I won't kill you... Not even a little bit.

This made the second Scamp become my ally for a short time. I spoke with the third one.

Scamp 3: Oooo! MEAN mankin. Scamp aFRAID. Drop Weapon, so Scamp feel safe?

Sinder Velvin: Certainly. Pleased to oblige. There --

I dropped my weapon and spoke with it again.

Scamp 3: Why me? HATES mankin jabber-jabber.

Sinder Velvin: Tell me where Vatasha Trenelle is, and I'll spare your miserable life.

Scamp 3: Girly? Girly gone, fleshbits.

Sinder Velvin: Wrong answer.

After fighting the Scamp, I spoke with another Scamp.

Scamp 4: WHAT!! What want?

Sinder Velvin: Give me the keys out of this place, or you'll be one sorry little monkey.


Scamp 4: Keys? Keys in dark, NASTY place. Near my tail. Want look? See?

Sinder Velvin: No, thank you.

After fighting the Scamp, I spoke with a Vermai. I was hoping for an intelligent conversation. I didn't get it.

Vermai 1: HNNNRRGH!

Sinder Velvin: HNNNRRGH yourself and see how you like it.

After fighting the Vermai, I went back to the corpse the Scamps were standing next to and I examined it. I found two notes. One of them was a note from Vatasha, while the other one was a letter to someone named Mactana Greenway.

I started walking around the Battlespire's training grounds and found another note from Vatasha. Soon after I found it, I had another intelligent conversation with a Vermai.

Vermai 2: Hrrn-hrrn-hrrn.


Vermai 2: HHUUUrt! HRRRRRngh!

Sinder Velvin: Not ME, you moron!

Eventually, I found a large Dragon skeleton. Under it were a human corpse and a logbook. I also found a strange cog there. But I didn't take it.

Walking around the training grounds some more (And fighting a lot of Scamps and Vermai on the way, but I didn't have to tell you that.), I found a Dremora. But it didn't want to talk to me. Nearby, I found another one of Vatasha's notes.


Walking around a bit more, I found one of those anchors. I also found a warning about the anchors. Further up, I found some sort of mechanism with a note and a large door with a note. So the Star Galley was right behind the door. I looked around the room and, because some of the drawers looked strange, I clicked on them. The drawers moved out of the way and revealed a secret room. Inside I found the Battlemage Vatasha mentioned: Clarentavious. I, of course, spoke with him.


Clarentavious Valisious: At last! O, joy! Saved! Saved! Oh, I knew you'd come, I've waited SO LONG in all this desperate, terrible nightmare.

Sinder Velvin: Hang on. Who in Mara's hat are YOU?

Clarentavious Valisious: What? Do you know who you're talking to, you whelp? I am Clarentavious, the Emperor's Chief Artificer, and the only Battlemage left alive in this Powers-forsaken wasteland.

Sinder Velvin: Hah. So what kind of a deal did you have to cut with the Daedra to keep your skin?

Clarentavious Valisious: I persuaded them I was Taken and BOUND to them, ensorceled, ONE of them. But I'm not, I'm not... And now you're HERE! And safety, sweet escape, and an END to the nightmare, and the darkness -- Erm, but -- Where are the legions, to cleanse this realm of its infestation?

Sinder Velvin: Legions? Well. Well. Uh. I ehr um. Well. No legions. Just. Well. You see? I'm all there is. Here. At the present.

Clarentavious Valisious: No legions? Just you? And what use are you? USEless! USEless! All is lost! The Weir Gate is barred, and the Star Galley; that can only bear us deeper into the darkness and the madness. Well. That's the end, then. Here. The password to my chambers is "boustrophedon." It's on a piece of parchment somewhere around here. Take the password, and go to my chambers. Sever the last anchor, and we shall be done. You will reach them through a Mystic Conveyor, if you can get past Methats, that is.


Sinder Velvin: EEE-Easy, friend. What's all this about a star galley? A stove for cooking stars?

Clarentavious Valisious: You come strolling through here, you don't have a legion, and you know jack-all! Nothing! Go to my chambers. All your questions will be answered there. Then you'll taste of utter despair. Now begone, and let me make my peace with my ancestors.

Sinder Velvin: Right. I'm off to your chambers straight away, where all will be made clear. I'm sure. Perhaps I'll check back later to share your utter despair.


After I took the parchment from the table next to Clarentavious, I tried to find the chambers the Battlemage mentioned. But instead, I found the place mentioned in Vatasha's third letter.

Luckily, I had the sigil of entry necessary to get past. After fighting Vermai, I found and spoke with a higher ranking Dremora called Rathine.


Rathine: Gods and garters! Another mortal, here, wandering around unsupervised on my watch? And why do you suppose my nimble-witted minions have neglected to batter, humble, and restrain you?

Sinder Velvin: If the warty clowns I've seen so far are any indication, I doubt your minions capable of handling so grand a hero as myself.

Rathine: Indeed. Even as a mere animal, you tower above them in intellect. In much the same regard as we exceed your wits, I expect. I am Dremora Rathine. Ahem. At this stage humble grovelling is customary, accompanied by a handsome gift. Or alternatively a lingering death may be your object?

Sinder Velvin: A thousand apologies, Lord Rathine, but I am a stranger to your customs. What sort of gift is customary?

Rathine: I doubt that you can give me what I would really like, fleshling. However... I'll settle for the head of one Vatasha Trenelle. Bring it, and we might find a position for you here. There are many new vacancies here on Battlespire as a result of the recent unpleasantnesses, and I'll put a word in for you with Methats. Now go. As you can see... I'm inordinately busy.

Sinder Velvin: Certainly, My Lord. Goodbye.


I decided to banish it anyway. It left behind another cog.

I then walked around until I found a teleporter leading to Clarentavious' chambers. It was guarded by Methats, an even higher ranking Dremora, which I spoke with.


Methats: What are you doing here, mortal? Explain yourself! Are you the Vatasha Trenelle?

Sinder Velvin: No, I'm not - Do you know if she's nearby?

Methats: So what are you? I don't see your badge of service. Are you one of the Battlemages?

Sinder Velvin: Actually, no. I'm a student and I'm here for a test, but it seems that's not going to happen now, so if you could just show me how to get out of here, I'll be on my way. Thanks.

Methats: How amusing. The way out? Yes, certainly.

Sinder Velvin: Oh, thank you, sir.

It attacked me. After I defeated it, I took its pauldron and went through the teleporter. After looting the chambers of the other Battlemages, I entered Clarentavious' chambers using the password "boustrophedon". Inside, I spoke with two more Scamps.

Scamp 5: NASTY mankin! Die! Now!

Sinder Velvin: No, thank you.

After fighting the first one, I spoke with the second one.

Scamp 6: Ooh -- MANkin! Drops its weapons? SURE we'll be NICE!

Sinder Velvin: Fool! Do I LOOK like a mankin? Methats calls, and when called, dogs crawl to their masters.

Scamp 6: Oh! Oh! Oh! No!! We didn't! It was the VerMAI! It was all the VERMAI! We didn't touch the Anchors, or the Cogs!

Sinder Velvin: And a good thing too. We are gratified by the zeal with which you inform upon your co-workers. Now. Go away. Be busy about your tasks. Goodbye.

After taking the cog from Clarentavious' chambers, I found a document which explained much.

I went back to Clarentavious and spoke with him.

Clarentavious Valisious: You again! Why is the anchor still intact? Have - You - Learned - NOTHING?

Sinder Velvin: I've been to your rooms and I've read your note. Where are the rest of the cogs?

Clarentavious Valisious: So now you see. They are too strong, and the Star Galley just delivers us among more powerful foes. As for the cogs? Gone. Lost. Scattered into the hands of the Enemy. It matters not. Make your peace with the Great Powers, and sever the final anchor. Hope is lost. All that remains is an honorable death.

Sinder Velvin: Ahah! You little conceive with whom you speak. For I have just recently been awarded SECOND PLACE in the Imperial Martial Arts competition.

Clarentavious Valisious: Second place? Oh, good. Good. That's very encouraging. Now. Please. Set free the last anchor, and we can end this tragedy with stoic dignity.

Sinder Velvin: Consider, Aged Father. I might have a chance against these fiends if you were to lend me the TYPOS SOPHIA!

Clarentavious Valisious: You must be MAD! That Methats! HE'll be in my MIND! Drawing my soul through TORMENT! Sucking me DRY! He'll PEEL MY SKIN FROM MY BONES!

Sinder Velvin: Look. What if I did Methats for you? Knocked him into Oblivion, or the Thirteen Hells, or wherever Daedra go when you smack their spirits right out of time and space?

Clarentavious Valisious: You're priceless! So naive! Yes. Cast Methats from the world, and I'll give you the Typos Sophia! Absolutely. Why not? While you're about it, bring me his right pauldron, where he wears his seal, as proof of your deed. Might as well grab the seals of the Thirteen Patrons and the Eight Powers while you're at it. Hah-hah-ha! Hah-hah-hah!

Sinder Velvin: What, you mean, like THIS pauldron HERE?

Clarentavious Valisious: By the Powers! You amaze me! Very well. Take the Typos Sophia. Much good may it do you in the Colleges. But you shall see. Yes, you'll see soon enough. These creatures you see here are but pups compared with their masters. As you dangle for eternity in some daedric pit of horrors, you'll wish you'd taken my advice and died gloriously with me in the ruins of Battlespire.

Sinder Velvin: Look, old man. Hide here in closet if you must, but don't kill yourself and don't set Battlespire drifting off to ends of time. SOMEone has to stick around here and report to the legions. So tighten up. I'll see you later.


After taking the Typos Sophia staff, I went through the training grounds again, taking all the cogs and activating all the anchors. I then went back to the Star Galley Mechanism, put the gears there (Thus opening the door.) and went into the Star Crib teleporter, which transported me to the High Halls and Librarium of the College. Also known as the Second Level.