Morrowind Codex: Weapons

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Weapons popular in Morrowind can be categorized according to their material and craft. The following are described approximately in order of value and utility.

These native Dunmer weapons are created from the sturdy but light exoskeletons of local creatures. Layers of chitin are typically laminated using bug resin glues to form strong but flexible weapons. The serrated edges of the original materials are exploited to create especially wicked daggers and slashing weapons.

For centuries, cheap and serviceable iron and iron-reinforced weapons have been produced in quantity for the Legions. These and similarly made iron weapons are in use throughout the Empire. 

Imperial steel weapons are standard issue for the elite units of the Legions. Nobles, merchant-traders, and professional mercenaries prefer the higher quality materials and craftsmanship of Imperial steel. Various other weapons of exotic design (in particular, the tantos and katanas made in the Akaviri style) are also made of high-quality steel. 

High-quality steel is plated or filagreed with silver because of the arcane effects of the precious metal on the flesh of magical and supernatural creatures. Well-heeled aristocrats and bravos also sport such weapons for their distinctive elegance. 

These refined and elegant weapons resist corrosion and retain their edge in spite of hard use, and are notable among the distinctive relics of the extinct Dwemer race. Enterprising adventurers risk life and limb to recover these ornate, heavy weapons from the Dwarven ruins scattered throughout Tamriel.

These massive steel weapons are forged according to the secret metalcrafts of the Nord smiths, and engraved with runes in the manner of the legendary witch-warriors of Skyrim.

These light and elegant weapons of Elven manufacture feature extravagant use of rare metals and cutting edges made from rare crystalline materials. Duellists and assassins appreciate the delicate balance and sinister sharpness of glass weapons. 

Ebony weapons are made from a rare form of volcanic glass found almost exclusively in the buried deposits and surface lava flows of Vvardenfell’s Red Mountain. ‘Ebony’ refers to the lustrous, black, glassy surface of ebony weapons. 

Daedric weapons are made from ebony which has been refined using the craft and magical substances of the lesser minions of Oblivion. The process is not a pleasant one for the Daedra involved, and the weapons retain echoes of preternaturally prolonged suffering endured during manufacture. Daedric weapons are the most rare and expensive weapons known in Tamriel.

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