Watch Log, Volume 245

Author: Anonymous
Released In:

3rd Hour:

We first saw signs of the invaders at dusk, since their ships did not douse all lights as they approached the coast.

Unfortunately some of the ships had made landfall by the time we raised the alarm. This is our failing, but had we been given the support we requested from the Thalmor weeks ago, we would have seen them much sooner.

Even with the delayed response, we were able to use the Sphere to defend the coast. Many fled to the open sea before we could destroy their ships.

5th Hour:

We’ll maintain a wall of storms up and down the coast as a precaution, though this may just drive them to land in other Dominion territories.

9th Hour:

The Sea Vipers have breached the sanctuary. How did they discover where the storms came from? I fear a traitor in our ranks.

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