Volk’s Journal

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Author (in-game): Author: Volk

Day 14

I knew I should have volunteered for the excavation earlier. For months, Moric had been going on to the Vigilants about detecting mystical energies deep in the east mountains. Said he’d found some old tomes about the ruins of “Ruunvald,” or something the like, a Nordic chamber thousands of years old. I remember thinking “Yeah, if it’s so old, how come no one’s found it yet? There’s plenty of adventurers wandering around these parts.”

Seemed like most of the other Vigilants agreed, we had more important things to do. But Moric took a team and went digging, and when he started turning up a long buried temple, well, didn’t I feel like a troll in a dung heap.

Soon enough, he was sending back letters to the Hall, begging for as many men as we could send. I didn’t volunteer at first, still seemed like a myth to me. But when word came back that they’d hit the main chamber, I packed up and headed this way to help. Always did want to be a part of history, and better late than never, they say.
Well, “they” didn’t mention that the late comers would be stuck with guard duty. I just sit up here all day, watching for bandits and wolves, neither of which I’ve seen. Mostly I just see diggers coming up for supplies. Gotta say, I been seeing them a lot less regular, now that I think about it…

Day 19

All right, it’s been 3 days since anyone’s come up. The last one to emerge was Apa, and he just walked around a bit with a weird vacant look in his eyes. Told Florentius and me to come down as soon as we had the chance, then trudged back in.

Something ain’t right, and I aims to find out what…

– Volk

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