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Voa, Archmage


Appeared in: TESA: Redguard.

Archmage Voa was the head of Stros M'Kai. He was Crown loyalist and supporter of Prince A'Tor. He participated in the Battle of Hunding Bay where Prince A'Tor fell.

When Dram shot Prince A'Tor, Voa knew that the Prince could not survive the poison. He then used his magical art to transfer the soul of Prince A'Tor into a soulgem, and put a stasis field to the body. He hoped for a chance for the Prince to be healed by more competent healer. After the battle, the soulgem came to the possession of the Restless League, and the body was hidden in the Temple of Arkay.

Archmage Voa himself was reported killed after saving the Prince. However, his body was found inside goblin caves by Cyrus. Cyrus recovered Voa's ring, a key instrument for the resurrection of Prince A'Tor.