Vine-Tongues: Nourishment

Are you happy when you’re hungry? I think not! The same can be said for your new friend, the vine-tongue. Now you’re probably wondering, what exactly do you feed such an amazing and wondrous plant? Have no fear, I’ve got you covered!

Vine-tongues require water, of course. By the bucket load! A well-hydrated plant is a happy plant!

While water is all well and good and necessary, vine-tongues also require more substantive fare. Meat, to be precise. Raw if necessary, alive and wiggling when at all possible.If it’s squirming, it’s worth serving, I always say.

As a sapling, feed your vine-tongue worms, insects, small fish, or even the occasional rodent or two. As the plant grows, increase the amount and size of the particular food your vine-tongue prefers to keep it healthy and to help it reach its full potential. But don’t overfeed your vine-tongue! An overweight vine-tongue becomes moody, unhappy, and is prone to try to eat inappropriate things—like household pets or its master’s limbs.

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