Vine-Tongues: Common Mistakes

There’s a lovable little vine-tongue sapling in your home. You know what to feed it, where it likes to live, and how best to keep it entertained. To avoid any mishaps and to reduce chaos in your life, here are three important lessons I learned while raising my own vine-tongues.

1) Remove other household pets until you have fully trained your vine-tongue. Give them over into the care of friends or distant family so as not to find a hug or a cuddle turn into an inadvertent meal for your precocious little vine-tongue. While affectionate, vine-tongues also tend to be in a constant ravenous state. Take precautions and little Mixie will survive to purr another day!

2) Ignore the naysayers. Many people will tell you that keeping a vine-tongue is dangerous. That carnivorous plants can’t be trained or trusted. Balderdash, I say! Tamed vine-tongues are sweet and misunderstood. Yes, they can be dangerous, but so can eating lunch. It’s possible to choke on your next bite of rabbit meatballs, but no one is going to tell you not to eat!

3) Even when fully trained, you need to maintain dominance over your vine-tongue. These plants have a temper and can easily be offended, but if you show even a modicum of hesitation or fear, they might pounce and treat you like prey. They seek love and affection, so keep that in mind and everything will work out fine. I’m almost positive!

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