Vigilant’s Report

Author: Cassipia Sagnus
Released In:

Book added by Umbra from the Creation Club

I, Cassipia Sagnus, Vigilant of Stendarr, do hereby issue this report on my investigation into the reports of a “dark presence” within Champion’s Rest.

Champion’s Rest is the site of an ancient battle arena where Nords would test their mettle in gladiatorial combat. Long believed to be lost to time, it was recently uncovered by mining prospectors near Shor’s Stone after discovering a new deposit of silver.

Upon discovery, the miners say they witnessed a “ghost, clad head to toe in armor”. While this alone was cause for concern, what they said next was even more foreboding: the spirit wielded a massive blade which seemed to “whisper” to them in their minds. This hints at the workings of a powerful Daedric artifact.

The only relic that matches this description is Umbra, once believed to be lost or, by some accounts, destroyed. Umbra is a sentient weapon who corrupts its bearer and compels them to kill so that the blade may feast on the souls of those it slays. It appears to have resurfaced here, though why I cannot say.

If the apparition that haunts this site truly is the resurgence of Umbra, then it has grown very powerful, and Shor’s Stone is in grave danger.

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