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Vanus Galerion


Vanus Galerion is the founder of the Mages Guild.

He was born as the lowly serf under the name of Trechtus. The noble family where Trechtus and the family lived believed that literate serfs are dangerous. So the noble forbade all serfs access to the books and literature and even teachers and poets. Trechtus' father broke this law and taught himself and Trechtus to read. He was found out and hanged. Trechtus escaped and accepted by a group of troubadours. The leader of the troubadours, Heliand, realized that Trechtus is intelligent. Heliand brought Trechtus to the Isle of Artaeum, and meet the Magister of the Isle, Iachesis. Trechtus was accepted and was given the name of Vanus Galerion by Iachesis.

Vanus Galerion and another student named Mannimarco were two most prominent students of the Psijic Order. However, Mannimarco started to practice Necromancy. Vanus Galerion warned him but ignored. When finally the truth surfaced, the council banished Mannimarco from Artaeum, regardless of Vanus Galerion's protest that such evil should not be let loose. The council ignored him. Dissapointed, Vanus Galerion left the Isle of Artaeum. In Summerset Isle, he established the Mages Guild, with the philosophy of sharing knowledge, and also with hidden mission to find and eliminate Mannimarco's evil.

Mages Guild grew throughout the Summerset Isle and eventually reached Tamriel mainland. Shortly the Mages Guild became the official Imperial guild of magic. The hierarchy of the guild was formed, and also the political intrigues. Vanus Galerion was reported left the guild and Tamriel, traveling to other lands. He said bitterly, "The Guild has become nothing more than an intricate morass of political infighting."