Valamuur’s Notes

Released In:
Author (in-game): Valamuur

Valamuur’s Notes, Volume I

7th Evening Star 2E 291

Arandore believes he’s found a solution.

If this works, we won’t have to build Root Sunder—we can plant it, and direct its growth to our exact designs.

If this works, we’ll have innovated the architectural technique of the Era.

Valamuur’s Notes, Volume II

6th Morning Star 2E 292

Arandore was right!

Manipulating the stone is a matter of casting an appropriate Conjuration spell. Construction of the city can begin in earnest.

8th Sun’s Dawn

The wildlife in the jungle has grown nettled—perhaps understandably so, due to the work. We’ll need to move faster. The sooner we complete colonization of this region, the better.

Valamuur’s Notes, Volume III

2nd First Seed 2E 292

Arandore disappeared this morning. He’s been prone to nocturnal tirades, lately—too much wine, I think—but I don’t begrudge him the drink. The jungle wildlife has grown decidedly unpleasant over time, going so far as to attack our builders. I hope Arandore is safe.

7th Rain’s Hand

Arandore is gone. More builders go missing with every passing week. Progress has slowed to a crawl. I’m the only conjurer left fit to work. Won’t give up. For the sake of those vanished, I’ll complete our work.

8th Second Seed

I’m all that’s left of our venture, and I must be going mad. I could swear I saw Arandore this evening, standing amongst the vines. I called to him, if it was him, but he didn’t seem to notice. I thought I saw him retreat to the lower chambers, among the first of Root Sunder that we built. There aren’t any more attendants to send—there isn’t anyone left. I’ll have to investigate on my own.

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