TESA Redguard: Using The Dwemer Observatory

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In the third part of the Redguard Storyline, I talked to a young Yokudan and found out that his mother was trying to save his dead brother’s soul from the Necromancer N’Gasta’s soul snare, but that she would never be able to save his soul without first finding out the current location of the Serpent. I went to the Dwemer Observatory to try to find out the location of the Serpent, but the Wood Elf living there told me that the Telescope was broken and that I needed a Dwemer gear to fix it. I went to the city to find out where I could find a Dwemer gear and I was told by Lakene to search for it in the Dwemer Ruins. There, after I destroyed a huge Steam Centurion, I found a Dwemer gear among its remains.

I left the Dwemer Ruins and returned to the city, where I talked to Dreekius.

Dreekius: What can I do for you, Cyrus?

Cyrus: Hello, Dreekius.

Dreekius: Hey, Cy.

Cyrus: I found this gear that might be useful. I think I can fix the Observatory with it.

Dreekius: I thought a crazy Elf was working on that.

Cyrus: I thought I might lend a hand.

I knew that I was going to need a book about the constellations, so I went to J’Ffer.

Cyrus: What do you think about Ffoulke’s Firmament?

J’Ffer: Less ambitious than Yoonkarl’s published studies, and less concerned with comparative astrology. Though a decidedly Human take on the stars of Tamriel, Ffoulke’s Firmament is not without its own virtues. J’Ffer can part with it, then, for 36 gold.

Cyrus: I’ll take it.

Cyrus’ Description of “Ffoulke’s Firmament”
It says here that the stars of Tamriel are divided into thirteen constellations. Three of them are the major constellations, the Guardians, which protect the minor ones, their Charges, from the thirteenth constellation, which is the Serpent. Each Guardian has three Charges a piece, and are only on guard during their particular season. The current season is presided over by the Warrior.

J’Ffer: Excellent choice.

After I took the book, I went back to the Dwemer Observatory and talked to Erasmo.

Erasmo: What? What? What-What?

Cyrus: Hello again, Erasmo.

Erasmo: He’s back!

Cyrus: Here – Here’s the Dwarven gear you need to fix the Telescope.

Erasmo: Ah haaa! You found one! Good, good. But I’m not going back down to the Gear Room. You gonna have to do it… Put the gear in on the far side!

Cyrus’ Logbook
Erasmo says he won’t go down to the Gear Room. Go to the Gear Room and install the gear on the far side to fix the Telescope.

Cyrus: I’ll give it a try.

I looked around and found a small button. I stood on it and the sliding tiles recessed into the floor that covered the entry to the lower levels of the Observatory slid open. An elevator took me below, where I saw a very large Dwemer device with pipes all around it. Before going to it, I walked down some stairs and found Erasmo’s bedroom. Here, pulling a lever activated a small fan hanging from the ceiling, and using a wheel disabled some steam pipes over at the Dwemer device. I then went to the device, where I walked over a pipe and jumped on a moving platform.

From the moving platform, I jumped to a ledge, where I lowered myself to another ledge. Below, there was a walkway above a giant fan. There was also a rotating metallic platform. I jumped on the walkway, then on the rotating platform and then on another platform. The platform that I was now on was not formerly a rotating one, but it started to rotate as soon as I jumped on it. I walked to the edge of the platform and jumped into a structure, which turned out to be the Gear Room.

Cyrus: Looks like a gear is missing from this slot.

I put the gear that I had taken from the Steam Centurion into the slot.

I went through a door that led to an elevator which led to the entrance to the Observatory. I spoke to Erasmo again.

Cyrus’ Logbook
Installed Dwarven gear. The Telescope at the Observatory is fixed now.

Erasmo: Ahh!!!!!… Ohhhh —

Cyrus: Hello again, Erasmo.

Erasmo: My hero!

Cyrus: You can relax now, the Telescope is fixed.

Erasmo: Horaaay!! My hero! Now, I can — Uh — I can keep doing — What I do! At least Richton won’t cut my arms off now! Horraay! Use it as you like, you are welcome here!

Cyrus’ Logbook
Erasmo is pleased that the Telescope is fixed.

I went to Dreekius to tell him that I had succeeded in fixing the Observatory.

Dreekius: Cyrus. What can I do for you?

Cyrus: The Observatory’s fixed. Now I can use the Telescope.

Dreekius: Astrology fan, are you?

Cyrus: It’ll help me somehow, I’m sure.

I went back to the Observatory, to use the Telescope. There were two ways to get to the upper walkway: to use the stairs near the entrance (each time I stepped on a step, the one behind me disappeared and another one appeared right in front of the one that I was standing on) or to step on the small colored buttons in front of each mural, which would make a larger platform take me up to the walkway.

On the star map on the ceiling of the Observatory, each constellation had a special symbol. Also, the Guardians’ symbols were blue and the Charges’ were yellow. The Yokudan star map was much simpler, as Guardian constellations were represented through squares and Charges through circles.

By looking at the Warrior using the Telescope, I realized that the Serpent was near the Lord. So I used the Telescope to look at the Lord, finding the Serpent. For more information about Planets and Constellations, please go here.

Having found the Serpent, I went back to the Yokudan Camp and talked to Coyle.

Coyle: Hoy! It’s the Redguard!

Cyrus: Hello, Coyle.

Coyle: Have you figured out how to set my brother’s soul free?

Cyrus: I think maybe I have.

Coyle: I knew you could help us, Cyrus!

I went and picked up a starstone.

Coyle: Cyrus, are you sure you know what you’re doing?

Cyrus: Yeah, I think I’ve figured this out.

Saban was in the 3 o’clock position, the position of the Lover, facing the Warrior, which was in the 9 o’clock position. The Lover’s season is Sun’s Dawn, while the Lord’s season is First Seed, the next month after Sun’s Dawn – So I placed the starstones one position clockwise from Saban.

Cyrus’ Logbook
Placing the starstones correctly permitted Saban to complete her ritual and ensure a safe journey to the otherworld for Hayle’s soul.

Coyle: You’ve done it, Cyrus!

Saban: Tro dura-hi, Sura.

I spoke with Saban.

Saban: Sura, mong dua? Ueetonga! Hal-ee! Ugo-no-mitana!

Coyle: She thanks you, Cyrus; Hayle’s soul has passed to the far shores.

Cyrus: Tell her it was my pleasure.

Coyle: Uhi do Sura.

Saban: Tang mongo dua?

Coyle: She wishes to know if there is anyway she might repay you?

Cyrus: Maybe you can help me find my sister, Iszara.

Coyle: Sura, napere sa do dongo.

Saban: Hadi dua tengai.

Coyle: Mother has not seen her since the day she came with Hayle.

Saban: Budui dupa.

Coyle: But she sees that you will find her.

Cyrus: Why was Iszara with Hayle?

Coyle: Den dogo tukta Hal-ee?

Saban: Dogo tang mongo, Sura. Den hi.

Coyle: She needed mother’s help, her magic.

Saban: Dua sen ugakta —

Coyle: But mother was so mad about Hayle that she sent your sister away.

Saban: Uto-nogo dua hi.

Coyle: Mother does not know what magic your sister needed. I’m sorry, Cyrus.

Cyrus: Saban, could you tell me about the Restless League?

Coyle: Sa dui ongo duptra League?

Saban: Hadi na toktra dua napere–

Coyle: She says you might find them–

Saban: — Kol-hadu-ranga.

Coyle: — At the Lighthouse.

Cyrus: Do you plan to stay here on Stros M’Kai?

Coyle: Duadra na sa do Sanloa M’Kai?

Saban: Sanloa M’Kai tang den uta-no-mongo!

Coyle: Mother says Stros M’Kai will need her help.

Saban: Den do Sura.

Coyle: And yours.

Saban: Mitana den nogo.

Coyle: The island is still in peril.

Cyrus: It will be hard to fend off the Empire.

Coyle: Septim sogat kuloto hi.

Saban: Fektigowa nogo uetonga, den.

Coyle: Hmm.

Cyrus: What did she say?

Coyle: Sometimes my Yoku is bad. She said either, “It will not be hard, because the son is here”, or she said, “Because the son will be here.”

Cyrus: What kind of help can you give?

Coyle: Dua ne tang nogo?

Saban: Sura den go.

Coyle: She says you will know.

Cyrus: Thank you, Saban.

Saban: Tuktu ansei, Sura.

Cyrus: Goodbye.

Saban: Trangai, Sura.

Having spoken to Saban, I decided to go to Kotaro, the Contractor of Stros M’Kai, and take a quest from him that would lead me to the Isle of N’Gasta the Necromancer.

But that is a tale for the next part of the Redguard Storyline.

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